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The biggest misconception people have about me is that I'm stupid. santiz
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As far as me talking about my movies and the work ive done,yeah. I love it . I could talk about it for hours. But when it comes to me talking about me and my life and the stuff in the media, Id very much love to be someone else, like the rain. The rain is the thing nobody likes to touch and hates. They want it as far away from them as possible. Rain is usally the thing thay fucks up people's day, it pisses them off and makes them want nothing to do with it. Why would you want to want to know every aspect of and consantly talk about the thing you hate? Right now i want to be the media's rain. I want to be the thing thay pray never comes around. The thing obviously not the topic of their conversation. sorry
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When you read God's Word, you must constantly be saying to yourself, ''It is talking to me, and about me.''
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