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Bedroom SMS

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Saas saw her bahu doing sexwith other man,but she didnot tell her son because,'Saas bhi kabhi bah thi'
in Bedroom SMS (102 Characters)

what is the differenceBetween a new husband & a new dog 'After a year the dog is stillexcited to see u.'
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Q: Why dose Hillarywake up bill at 5:00 everymorning to have sex A:Beacause she enjoysbeing the *FIRST* lady..........
in Bedroom SMS (118 Characters)

News: Sales for viagra are way down.Reason: All those old guysfinally figured out that sexwith an old women is not worth $20.
in Bedroom SMS (125 Characters)

An old lady says to her husband,want to go upstairs &have SEX He says,'i dont thinki can do both.
in Bedroom SMS (97 Characters)

A little boy brust into hisparent's room one nightand was astonished bywhat he found his motherdoing to his father.'Bunty!'he told a friend atschool next morning,'and to think i getpunishments for justsucking my thumb.'
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Little Santa to his mother:'mummy:aaj papa ne busmein mujhe kaha ki apniseat sammne khadi lady kode do,aur maine de di!'Mummy:Beta ...tumnebahut accha kiya:Santa:'magar mummy main to papa ki goadper baitha hua thaa!'
in Bedroom SMS (216 Characters)

Displaying Page 1 (of 1) and 7 Records (of 7 Total Records)