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Relation is not the collection of hearts,
but its da selection of hearts.
All relation r not true,
but true relation r very few,
And it includes U...
in Caring (Care) SMS (156 Characters)

Sweet rho CAD-BURY Ki Tarah;
Fresh raho CLOSEUP Ki tarah;
BEAUTIFUL raho Fair&Lovely ki tarah;
Tension free raho CHILD Ki tarah;
aur smart raho MERI TARAH (H);
in Caring (Care) SMS (167 Characters)

Wonderful Couples in this World..
Heart & Beats..
Night & Moon..
Music & Songs..
Roses & Loves..
Fish & Water..
in Caring (Care) SMS (143 Characters)

When we truly care for a person, their mistakes never change our feelings....
Coz its head that gets angry,
while the heart still loves them.
in Caring (Care) SMS (143 Characters)

U make 10 friends,
Laugh wid 9,
Meet 8 of them,
Talk to 7,
Celebrate wid 6,
Share secrets with 5,
Trust 4,
Cry wid 3,
Take help of 2,
But never forget 1 like me:)
in Caring (Care) SMS (179 Characters)

Life can be hard ,
Not always fun,
When night brings dark & morning brings SUN...
when life seems tough & nobody seems to care....
Dilse yaad Karna Ill be there....
in Caring (Care) SMS (168 Characters)

Feeling of love
+ moment of caring
+ small small sharing
+ stupid fights
+ shoulder to cry
+ to be together in pain
= creates a MIRACLE called “FRIENDSHIP”
in Caring (Care) SMS (166 Characters)

Don't feel for who's going away from U, but keep this in mind don't give chance for lovable ones to go away from U...
in Caring (Care) SMS (117 Characters)

Tough time becomes beautiful when our beloved ones wipe our tears saying,'hey stupid im here for you',even tears turn to smile...!
in Caring (Care) SMS (130 Characters)

Hw much sm1 care?A grl sufring 4m cancer died. Aftr hr death, hr hsbnd opnd hr cupbrd n found sm tablets wd lettr"tek dem dear, U catch cold easily when u cry"
in Caring (Care) SMS (159 Characters)

If i were a STAR,
i would Shine for you...
If i were a BIRD,
I would FLY to you...
If were an ANGEL,
I would look AFTER you...
But since i am only human,
I ask God to take care of you!!!..
in Caring (Care) SMS (201 Characters)

Make A Promise To Yourself,
Always To Choose The Best Things In Life,
To Hold On To Your Dreams,
To Believe In Your Ideas And Follow Ur Heart,
Because Life Is Beautiful Just Like You… Take Care..
in Caring (Care) SMS (203 Characters)

Sometimes you have to be silent to be heard.
in Caring (Care) SMS (44 Characters)

May God Give You A Rainbow For Every Storm,
A Smile For Every Tear,
A Promise For Every Care,
A Blessing On Every Trial And An Answer To Every Prayer...
in Caring (Care) SMS (158 Characters)

Life can be hard & not always fun.
But as night brings dark mornin brings sun.
Wen life gets tough & no1 seems 2 care.
Give me a call coz I'll always b there!
in Caring (Care) SMS (162 Characters)

A Great Saying
I Love Photos because the best thing about them is that they never change even the people in them get changed
in Caring (Care) SMS (125 Characters)

Someone Somewhere Dreams Of Your Smile...
And While Thinking Of You Thinks That Life Is Worthwhile..!
So Whenever You Are Lonely Remember Its True...
Somewhere Someone Is Thinking Of You..!!!
in Caring (Care) SMS (197 Characters)

You may give gifts without caring, but you can't care without giving
in Caring (Care) SMS (68 Characters)

You may have someone in ur mind and someone in ur heart,
u may have someone in ur dream and someone in ur life,
but I m ur someone when u have no one…
in Caring (Care) SMS (154 Characters)

Life Is Chemistry,
Dilute Your Sorrows,
Evaporate Your Worries,
Filter Your Happiness,
And You’ll Find Crystals Of Love..
in Caring (Care) SMS (129 Characters)

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