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Another semi-modular bezel-less smartphone design surfaces, this time from Samsung
Thu, 21 Jun 2018 16:15:01 +0200

Some users may say that we don't need thinner bezels than we already have on the vivo NEX or Oppo's new Find X, for example, but most of us will never get enough of that sweet screen space. Samsung belongs to the latter and has a way of tackling the technical issues that may arise with ultra-thin bezels. We had already done a piece on Huawei's approach the other day and it seems that Samsung has a similar solution to the problem with some notable differences. While Huawei is using only two metal strips on the sides, the Korean giant is betting on all four and instead of adhesive, the...

JD's 618 Shopping Festival in China breaks records, Honor phones ride on top
Thu, 21 Jun 2018 15:45:01 +0200 just ended its country-wide 618 Shopping Festival in China, which ran from June 1 to June 18 and took in a record-breaking CNY 127.5 billion (that's about $20 billion). A big chunk of that was Huawei's Honor phones. The sub-brand was the top earner in terms of single day sales on June 18. Honor was also #1 in sales for the whole period of the 618 festival. Honor has been doing great at the world stage too. It's available in over 74 countries and the company expects to see a 150% growth outside of China. The Huawei Honor 10 has over 1 million sales under its belt, over...

Bose noise-masking sleepbuds now on sale for $250
Thu, 21 Jun 2018 15:15:01 +0200

After going through an Indiegogo campaign, the Bose soundbuds are now on sale across major retailers for $250. The Bose soundbuds are a unique sort of product and a departure from the usual audio equipment that the company is known for. Despite the fact that they look like wireless Bluetooth earphones, the soundbuds don't actually play music. What they do instead is sit in your ears and play specifically designed sounds that help mask ambient noises. Bose is very clear on the fact that this isn't their usual active noise isolation that is present on their noise canceling headphones....

IGTV is a vertical video platform from Instagram to go against YouTube
Thu, 21 Jun 2018 14:45:01 +0200

Instagram is trying to bring a whole new concept to the world of video sharing platforms with its so-called IGTV network. It aims to work just like regular TV but with vertical videos. The Android app is already available on Google Play and it's gaining traction while Instagram has already reached 1 billion users, so we can assume it's going to be a hit very soon. The difference between Instagram and IGTV, however, is that the latter pushes vertical videos only and can last up to an hour. This is probably because it's going to be used only on smartphones. The UI is very streamlined...

Nokia X6 India launch confirmed as support page goes live on company's local website
Thu, 21 Jun 2018 14:15:01 +0200

The Nokia X6 - company's first notch-totting smartphone - has managed to generate a lot of user-interest, not only in China (the only region where the device is currently available) but in other markets around the world as well. This resulted in HMD effectively confirming that the device will get a global launch. However, since then, the company has been mum on the topic. But silent developments have been taking place. For example, a couple of global models recently received Bluetooth certification, and the device was also briefly spotted listed on Nokia's international website. Now, a...

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Tips For Using Cashback Deals
1. You can often find the best deals at the end of the month, when retailers scramble to achieve their targets. Referral sites are often too slow to track these deals, because they appear and disappear quickly.

2. Make sure you can afford the upfront payments.

3. Do your research and ask for a second opinion from PDAs discussion board.

4. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly and save a copy. Don't sign up if you don't understand them, and be happy that you can and will claim your cash back at the right times.

5. Prepare your cashback returns the moment you get your phone.

6. Stick with companies that are reputable, although these can be hard to find!

7. Send cashback claims by special delivery with the Royal Mail's 'consequential loss' cover to ensure sufficient compensation if its undelivered. Remember to check the address to send it to each time, to ensure it hasn't changed. This has caused problems for claimants before.


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