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Prayer is a free outgoing call to god.
No battery power, no charging, no network problem,
no sim card. Always good signal and endless talktime.
in Decent SMS (146 Characters)

god in heaven,
god above
please protect the one i love,
sent with a smile,
sealed with a kiss,
i love the one who is reading this
in Decent SMS (153 Characters)

if one star will fall every-time i miss you...
all stars will be out of the sky now....
so if ever there will be no stars tonight it's all your fault.....
u made me miss you so much!!!!
in Decent SMS (191 Characters)

in Decent SMS (39 Characters)

Bachelor's schedule...
Monday ko dosti ; Tues ko pyar ;
Wed ko shaadi ; Thus ko barbadi ;
Fri ko fighting ; Sat ko talaq ;
Sun ko rest, Mon ko phir se talash....
in Decent SMS (165 Characters)

Wen nites r long & frinds r few,
i sit by my window & think of u....
A silent whisper a silent tear....
with all my heart i wish u were here
in Decent SMS (145 Characters)

Love is like a mountain,
hard to climb,
but once you get to the top
the view is beautiful
in Decent SMS (92 Characters)

To Luv some1 is madness, 2b loved by some1 is a Gift,
Loving some1 who loves u is a duty,
but being loved by some1 whom u luv is LIFE.
in Decent SMS (137 Characters)

Hum tere dil mein rahein gey yaad bankar,
tere lab pey khillein gey muskan bankar,
kabhi apney se juda mat samajhna,
Hum tere sath chaein gey aasman bankar.
in Decent SMS (159 Characters)

Buhut samjhaya anso'un ko key tanhai mein aya karo,
Bhari mehfil mein mazakh mat udaya karo,
Is par anso tadap uthe aur bole hum tumen bhari mefil men tanha patey hein is liye chale aatey hain
in Decent SMS (196 Characters)

A simple 'HELLO'
can be so sweat...
H= How r u?
E= Every thing ok
L= Like to c u
L= love 2 hear from u
O=Obviously I Miss u!
in Decent SMS (146 Characters)

Sab kuch bhoola kar tenha reh gaya,
Sab kuch loota kar tenha reh gaya
phir Dukhnay lagay zakhm judaai k in ko sooola kar tenha reh gaya.
in Decent SMS (140 Characters)

Ek Tusi sharmandey bohat ho ,Ek Tusi itrandey bohat ho,
Dil kar da hai tuhano dinner tay lay jawan per tusi khandey v bohat ho.
in Decent SMS (128 Characters)

1>Never hate
2>Don''t worry
3>Live simple
4>Expect a little
5>Give a lot
6>Always smile
7>Have a great FRIEND like me!
in Decent SMS (146 Characters)

Har ek Mukurahat Muskaan nahi hoti
nafrat ho ya mohabat Aasan nahi hoti
Aansoo gham ke aur Khushi ke ek jaise hote hai
inki pehchan Aasan Nahi hoti!
in Decent SMS (154 Characters)

Agar mil ker bicharta tou koi gham bhi tha
jisay paaya hi nahin osay khona kesa..
in Decent SMS (82 Characters)

I may not alvez txt u but our distance makes me miss u
I may not alvez stay in touch but i care 4 u so veri much
I may not alvez stop 2 say hi but i neva hope 2 say gudbye!!
in Decent SMS (175 Characters)

Zindagi kya hai?
Allama iqbal nay kaha zindagi aik safar hai.
Phool nay kaha zindagi khushbu ka naam hai.
Kantay nay kaha zindagi chubhan ka naam hai.
Barsaat nay kaha zindagi barasnay ka naam hai.
Chand nay kaha zindagi chandni ka naam hai.
Taqdeer nay kaha zindagi thokar ka naam hai.
Khud zindagi nay kaha zindagi mout hai.
in Decent SMS (333 Characters)

learn to smile
learn to cry
learn to give
learn to forgive
learn to share
learn to trust
learn to love
n learn to say
in Decent SMS (136 Characters)

Nothing is to want...
Nothing is to say...
It's my Pray...
in Decent SMS (76 Characters)

Displaying Page 1 (of 67) and 20 Records (of 1321 Total Records)