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In the morning I do not eat
because I think of you,
at noon I do not eat
because I think of you,
in the evening I do not eat
because I think of you,
at night I do not sleep
because I am hungry
in Flirt SMS (199 Characters)

Never ever reject any girls in your life..!
A good girls gives you happiness.
Bad girls gives you experience!
in Flirt SMS (126 Characters)

difference between good girls
and very good girls.
Good girls open few buttons
when environment is hot.
Very good girls open all buttons
to make environment hot
in Flirt SMS (165 Characters)

From Monday to Sunday,
From January To December,
From birth till my death,
my feelings for you have never changed.
For me, you've always been???.. a headache !
in Flirt SMS (163 Characters)

Dil kar raha hai keh....
aaj tumhein akeiley mein...
le ja kar...
apney hontoon se eik...
kissa sunaon bili aur chohey ka..........
in Flirt SMS (167 Characters)

pahlay hat ma lo
phir mon mal lo
phir tokh laghao
phir sidha karoo
phir sorakh ma daloo
kithna muskhil ha soi ma dagha dalna
in Flirt SMS (133 Characters)

Baari barsi khatan geya si,
Khat ke lyanda 'Sehtoot',
Tusi ta sute e reh gaye,
tuhadi 'Pappi' ley geya Bhoot
in Flirt SMS (111 Characters)

Teri arzoo main humne Baharon ko dekha!
Teri Zustzo main humne Sitaron ko dekha!
Nahi mila tum se badhkar in nigahon ne hazaron ko dekha.
in Flirt SMS (139 Characters)

Unhe yeh shikwa hai ki hum unhe yaad karte hi nahi, par unhe ye
kaun samjaye ki hum unhe yad kaise kare jinhe hum bhoolte hi nahi.
in Flirt SMS (131 Characters)

Khamosh palkon se jab anso bikhar jate hain.
Ap kya jany ap kitny yad aty hain.
Abhi b usi mor pe khary hain.
Jahan ap ny kaha tha thehro hum abhi aaty hain ..!
in Flirt SMS (166 Characters)

baap ka din yani father day wo baap jis na shab_
wo_rooz mohabat kar k hamari parwarish kee aur
hamara mustaqbil sawara usay hum dunya kee rangrnio ma bhula daytay hai
is liya in say milnay aur in say mohabat karnay ka bhe hum nay aik din mukarara kar liya hai
in Flirt SMS (265 Characters)

Maan ka din yani mother day
is din bhula basray log apne maan ko yad kartay hai
aur unhay khush karna k liya pura din in k sath guzartay hai
is din wo apny pura sal kee tuwaja aur mohabat apne maan par nechawar kar doty hai
in Flirt SMS (229 Characters)

Boy1: Meet my wife Tina
Boy2: Oh! I know her
Boy1: How?
Boy2: We were caught sleeping together.
Boy1: What the hell!
Boy2: 10 years ago, during lecture in Maths class
in Flirt SMS (171 Characters)

Advise of a dentist
Treat your girlfriend
like a tooth brush.
Don't let anybody else use it
Changed it every 3 months.
in Flirt SMS (125 Characters)

I want to touch you all over again n again.
through my heart and feeling
in Flirt SMS (91 Characters)

It's a test to check your capability of Mathematics
But you have 2 read this msg for only once.......
R u ready??
Here We Go....
How many Times Did u Press The Button
in Flirt SMS (233 Characters)

But why always ME, ME and ME..???
in Flirt SMS (33 Characters)

teray liye chand taray tor doon,
in hawaon ka rukh mor doon,
itna kafi hai ya do char jhoot aur bol doon
in Flirt SMS (106 Characters)

One Stone is Enough to break a Glass.....
One sentence is Enough to break a heart.......
One Second is Enough to fall In Love ... and
... One Love is Enough to make worse a whole Life
in Flirt SMS (186 Characters)

Open with Love...
If I disturb U
I am Sorry!
But I need
To Say
Disturbing you...
in Flirt SMS (100 Characters)

Displaying Page 1 (of 50) and 20 Records (of 981 Total Records)