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One day, the Captain of the 40-oared royal barge goes down to speak to the slaves in the hold of his ship. 'Men, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is, the Queen will be joining us today for a trip up the Nile.' The men cheered and rat
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Santa ko rota dekhkar friend ne pucha kya hua?Santa:Bohat bada dhokha, maine 2 ton ka AC kharida ,ghar aakar tola to sirf 35 kilo ka nikla.....lol :)
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New Generation - Father to son:Beta, u r 16 yrs. old.
Now its time to discuss with u about dating.
Son:Ok dad! Ask me.."ur doubts"!!!
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Chota sardar: Mummy kal raat jadu ho gaya. Maine bathroom ka darwaza khola to light apne aap jal gaya.
Mummy: Nalayak, tune phir fridge me susu kar diya.
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Duriyon ki na parwah kiya kijiye, Dil jab bhi pukare bula lijiye, Hum door jyaada nahi aapse, Bas apni aankhon ko palko se mila lijiye.
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What do you call a wife who is sexy, beautiful,intelligent,understanding, caring, never jealous and a great cook? ANSWER : A rumour!
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Early to bed and early to rise makes ur girlfriend go out with other guys.
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Husband to a newly wed Wife.I could go to the end of the worldfor u,, wife thanks, but promise me u will stay there.
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behind every SUCCESSFUL woman, there is a SATISFIED man,but behind a SATISFIED woman there is an EXHAUSTED man...
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Romance Mathematics Smart man + smart woman = romance Smart man + dumb woman = affair Dumb man + smart woman = marriage Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy
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Man ask God ' God Y U make women so BEAUTIFUL? God so that u can LUV her. Men but Y u make her so STUPID? God says so that she can LUV U.......
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Husband:'Darling years ago u had a figure like a Coke bottle.' Wife:'Yes darling I still do but the only difference is earlier it was300ml and now it's 1.5 liter
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Survey Subject:In how many days a 1000 pgs book cn b read Writer-6months, Doctor-2mnths, Lawyer-1month, STUDENT-ON THE NIGHT B4 THE EXAM.
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The more you study. the more you know, The more you know. The more you forget, The more you forget. The less you know, So why study?
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make ur luv to galfrnd on valentine day she will tell u a gud news on mothers day then u will hav a child on childrens day dont try this on everyone u will hav a bad news on 1 dec(aids day)
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Man: please give me black colour condom shopkeeper:why black colour condom???? man:my friend's dead so i want to share the sadness with his wife tomorrow night love_ever
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SCIENTISTS hav done tests & concluded th@, if a man sleeps wth a Chinese woman wthout a condom, he is likely to have AIDS but it won;t last bcos it's FONG KONG
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U r walkin in road. Grls r lookin at u & u r smiling smartly 2 them. U don't care any1. but OPPS u just 4got 2 close ur PANTS CHAIN again & have no underware!
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Some Indian cricketer's names- Ravi shas3. Mahendra Singh 2ni. 100Rav Ganguli Sachin 10Dulkar VVS 1,00,000Mann Mun 1/2 patel...
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9969966966 m vijay Malya. My team hs lost IPL,I HV INVSTD 400cr.I dnt knw u, bt If u snd ths sms I'l gt 20ps frm cmpny. If u hv heart plz 4wd atlst 10prsn.
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