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By Anuj
Once dog went to the job interview,

interviewer asked to operated the computer & he did,

...then told to type the letter, it did ,then again told to save the same in the computer creating - He did,

then told to operate the MS Excel - He did,

still the interviewer not satisfied and said we also need multi-language one........The dog stood-up and said meow........
......got selected.

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Teacher to SANTA : your son is a fool.. see his report card

English -2 , Maths -5 , Science - 7, SST - 8 , Hindi -3, Total - 25 ....

SANTA : Total mei to kamaal kia hai, is subject ki tution tak nahi rakhi thi .. ! :D
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boy 1 : I got a new car , laptop and a mobile all in a month

boy2: wow! what does your dad do

boy 1 : he sells onions!
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What do u want 2 become in future.?

After studyin MBBS,
......I want to join
Police force and
get a good job in
a good software company and work as lawyer and construct big buildings and conduct research and become an actor...?!

Hey, What's
ur name..?


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Doctor to Sardar:

Aap ki ek kidney fail ho gayi hai.
Sardar rote huye:

Kitne number se?

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Teacher : Tell Any Microsoft Product Name?

Sam: MS Excel
Deepu: MS Word
Rony: MS PowerPoint
...CHIKKU:After Thinking A Lot 'MS Dhoni:):):):)

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beta: maa,main kbc se bol raha hoon,1 minute mein jawab do,mere pitaji ka kya naam hai??

maa: beta, sawal kitne rs ke liye hai??

beta: 1000 rs ke liye..
maa: quit kar de,1000 rs ke liye ghar me kalesh ho jayega..

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santa:aaj mein bus k peeche daudkar ghar gaya.......5 rupaiye bach gaye...!

Banta:kardi na sardaro waali baat,auto ke peeche daud k aata toh 40 rupaiye bachte....!:)
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?1 gav me nadi pe bridge banaya Gya
Gav ke log bahot khush ho gaye
Ek tv channel ne banta ko puncha
Hato aap ka kya kehna he is bridge ke bare me
To banta ne kaha : ha ji pehle me dhup me tair ke nadi paar krta tha ab Chav me tair ke par krunga garmi se badi rahat ho gayi thanks to government !!!
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A Doctor's Wife Nvr Allowed Him 2 Come Near Her!
She Used A Very Unique Technique,
Guess Wat?
By Eating Apple,
An Apple A day
Keeps The Doctor Away:

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ek sucide bomber ne apne leader ko message bheja...
sir ji.. RDX thora kam daala karein...main jannat se thoda aagey nikal aaya hu..
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Our Heartiest New Year Wishes to All The Indian Jokes Fans! We are sure this New Year Wishes card will make you smile! :) http://www.indianjokes.mobi/HappyNewYear2011.html
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Teacher: 'What's half of 8?'

Rajinikanth: '4'

Santa: depend karta hai agar horizontally half karo to '0' and vertically karo to '3', 4 is the first time in history.
Rajinikannth lost and Sadda Santa rocks..

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By Sailesh

A Girl died & went 2 heaven God was shocked 2 c her heart still beating
god asked 'how come your heart is beating'..
Girl replied 'Im dead but my lover still lives in my heart'
...The Girl was sent to hell for over acting.

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By Zeep
Boy: Do you love me....??

Girl: Yes...

...Boy: Starts running

Girl: Where are you going....??

Boy: I'm going to update my relationship status on facebook..... !! :D

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Hindi teacher ne Santa & Banta ko ped par ulte latakne ki saza di.

Thodi der latakne ke baad Santa neeche gir gaya.

Hindi Teacher: Thak gaye kya ?
Funny Santa: Nahi pakk gaya !

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By Mallik
Unbeatable Luv of Rajnikanth 4 his GF-

Gf: Mera koi picha karte rehta he.

...Rajni: ok i'l C it..
Nxt day..

Gf:Hey wer is My Shadow? B-) :-)

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?1 day Rajnikanth got angry on his sweeper boy..

He kicked him so hard that he went flyin in d sky wit his broom..

Today that boy is famous as ?HARRY POTTER? :)
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By Umesh

Santa calls wife: Ghar nahi aa sakta... Car ka stearing, gear, break sab chori ho gaye...

After 1hr, he calls: Aa raha hu, galti se pichli seat pe baith gaya tha...
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Do you know why a santa kept the door open while taking a bath?

Because he was scared that someone might see through the ?KEY HOLE?.
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