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Every Heart has Pain Only d way of Expression is Different Sum Hide it in Eyes while for Sum its Hidden in their smile..
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a grl asked her boyfriend to marry her ..boy challenge her if you spend 2 hours widout me wodout talking to me i vill marry u the grl agreed the boy didnt tell her tht he has only 24hr left of his life the grl wnt away thre was no contect betwen them 4 24hrs aftr 24hrs the grl came up with a ring 2 marry him and she was shocked 2 see tht the boy had died he left a letter 4 her U DID IT u can live widout me 4 a day do it everyday my love miss u....
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I used to see a little boy daily near the Mausoleum of Baha-ud-Din Zakaria, always in a white shirt and khaki pants. He sat with a basket of fresh floral garlands. Be it at eight in the morning or nine at night, he would try his very hardest to sell his wares. I was a frequent Mazar visitor and each time the boy would beg (ask) me earnestly (sincerely) to buy a garland. But somehow I never did. Even when I came out, he would follow me to my car, begging me to buy one at least. Other boys sold flowers too, but none as persistently as he. I went back to the Mazar after a gap of some months. The boy was there, seated exactly as before. I tried to avoid his gaze (look), assuming that he would follow me. But he did not budge (move).I went inside the Mazar and came back. But the boy made no effort to sell his garlands.I thought he was angry or just showing his own self-respect.I suddenly missed the communication. I always had with this unknown boy and went to him. He looked at me but did
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