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Aik Pathan Ki Shadi Hoti Hai
Wo Jb Dulhan Ko Lay Kr Ja Raha Hota Hai
To Dulhan Ka Bhai Ro Ker Kahta Hai
Meri Behan Ka Khyal Rkhna
Dulha Bhi Ro Ker Kehta Hai
Tum Preshan Mat Ho Yara
Ye Tumara Behan Hai Hmara Bhi Behan Hai
in Pathan (226 Characters)

Pathan riding a cycle, hits a Girl.
Girl: Ghanti nahin mari jaati kya?
Pathan: ARe Zana na ?!!
Poori cycle maar diya Humne,
aab ghanti alag se maaru kya ?
in Pathan (159 Characters)

1 Pathan Khud Ko Khat Likh Raha Tha,
Kisi Ne Pocha Kis Ko Likh Rahay Ho?
Bola Khud Ko!!!
Kia Likha Hai?
Bola Mujhe Kia Pata
Abhi Mujhe Mila Thori Hai...
in Pathan (165 Characters)

Aik Dafa Ka Zikar Hai K Aik Pathan Kisi
K Ghar Gaya Door Pe Knock Kia Ander
Se Awaz Ai K Kon Hai Kaha Bahadur Khan,
Phir Poocha Gaya K Bap Ka Kia Nam Hai Kaha
K Delair Khan, Phir Poocha Gaya K Dada Ka
Kia Nam Hai Kaha K Sher Khan Phir Awaz Ai
K To Bahar Kyun Kharay Ho Jawab Mila K Ji
Aap K Darwazay Pe Kuta Betha Hai
in Pathan (324 Characters)

Oye Mre Shampoo K 7 Wala Free Gift De,,,
G Iske 7 Koi Gift Nahi He,,,,
Bakwas Mat Kar Shampu Pe Likha He
in Pathan (154 Characters)

Ek american ek sardar se kaha hamare yahan saadi e-mail se bhi hoti hai
isper sardar bola kamal hai hamare yahan to sirf female se hoti hai
in (141 Characters)

A sardar saw a board on which it was written ' padhne wala stupid'.
Sardar got irritated and wrote 'likhan wala stupid'
in (120 Characters)

Premika-Tum to bas apne kaam me lage rehte ho..
Meri to koi prwah hi nhi he tumhe!
Srdar Premi-Oye, Pyar krne wale kisi ki prwah Nahi karte
in (141 Characters)

sardar. to his friend:yaar bari mushkil main hoon
mairi Bivi mujh say aik kiss ka RS.100 laiti hay
friend.Acha,yaar to baara lucky hay dosron sey woh 500aiti hai
in (163 Characters)

Sardar: Will u merry , after i die .
Wife : No i wiil live with my sister.
Wife : Will u marry , after i die .
Sardar: No i will also live with ur sister.
in (158 Characters)

A Sardar Opened sugarbox & saw in the box.He repeat this process three times in a day.When his wife asked,He said:Dr said 2 me 2 check sugar level regularly....
in (160 Characters)

1. Don?t dare talk in front of my back! 2.Both of u three get out of the class! 3.Why r u so late.. say yes or no? 4.Take 5 cm wire of any length! 5.I have 2 daughters, both of them are girls. 6.All of u stand in a straight circle. 7.Quiet! The principal just passed away? 8.Everybuddy stand lengthwise. 9.Y r u looking at the monkey outside da window wen I?m here? 10.Ur talking bad habbit.
in (391 Characters)

A Deadly Sneeze?
Adolf Hitler was conducting a General Staff meeting, when somebody sneezed. 'Who was that!?' shoute..
in Miscellaneous Personalities (119 Characters)

Birds dat live in a lake will fly away when d lake dries up.
But lotus that grows in d same lake will die with d lake,
dats d commitment in LOVE.
in Hindi (147 Characters)

If you're cute, you can call me baby.
If you're nice, you can call me sweetie
But if you're hot, you can call me tonight
in Love Jokes (122 Characters)

Bole to ekdum jhakas style propose marne ka,
Yun ghoor ke kya dekhti hai,
Maardalegi kya?
Dil dena hai to de,
Rakh ke achaar dalegi kya?
in Tapori (136 Characters)

Yo Mam so damn ugly, look like the ho was hit by the whole freakin Ugly Tree!!!
in Mama Jokes (79 Characters)

Santa: goes to buy underwear, on choosing 1 shopkeeper tells it is of Rs 500. Santa: are bhai daily wear dikhao, Party wear nahi chahiye!!
in Desi Jokes (138 Characters)

What a sardarji does when he need a blank white papers He photocopies the blank papers.
in Desi Jokes (88 Characters)

One day, the Captain of the 40-oared royal barge goes down to speak to the slaves in the hold of his ship. 'Men, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is, the Queen will be joining us today for a trip up the Nile.' The men cheered and rat
in General Jokes (255 Characters)

Displaying Page 2 (of 633) and 20 Records (of 12656 Total Records)