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Son to Sardar: 'papa 5+5 kitnay hotay hain?' . SARDAR: 'ullu de pathay, nalaiq, ediot, besharam, gadhay . . Tujhe kuch nahi aata Jaa andar se calculator la..
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Santa bar me ro raha tha. Bartender: Kyo ro rahe ho Santa: Aur kya karu Jis ladki ko bhulana chahta hun uska naam hi yaad nahi aata.
in Santa Banta Jokes (136 Characters)

Give A Person A Fish And You Feed Him For A Day,
Teach A Person To Use The Internet And He Won't Bother You For Weeks ...
in Cool Jokes (121 Characters)

If you r an
'Ice Cream'
u r so sweet
If u r a
'Teddy Bear'
u r so soft
If u r a
u r so bright
if you r my
*Friend* :)
oh my
you r so
in Cool Jokes (154 Characters)

Life ko kaun zyada achga bana sakte hai GirlFriend or wife? ? ? ? ? ?
Dono hi! Bas kisi dusre ki hone chiaye.
in Cool Jokes (109 Characters)

Sikh: Kal koi meri biwi k sath zabardasti krgya aur Rs 20000 v le gya.
Pathan: Tum jhut bolta hai,15000 tha.
Sikh: Paison ka itna masla nahi bas aadmi pata kar yaar.
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in A Cricket Ground:
Security Man To Sardar : 'Cricket Match Is Over And You Are Still Sitting, Why?'
Sardar: 'I Am Waiting For Highlights'.
in (140 Characters)

American to SARDAR!!
Hamaray country mn 90% shadian E-Mail se hoti hain.
Sardar: Kamal hy.....
Hamaray tu 1% b E-Mail se nhi hoti hn 100 ki 100% FEMALE se hoti hain!!
in (166 Characters)


mmmmamam dfdsafjn
in Funny Jokes (63 Characters)


Doctor: Youre in good health. Youll live to be eighty.
Patient: But, doctor, I am 80 right now.
Doctor: See, what did I tell you!!!
in Funny Jokes (176 Characters)


Santa aur banta ne
zindagi me pehli baar riksha dekha.

Sant-dekho kitna chhota tanga.

Bant-haan aur gadha to dekho,aadmi jaisa dikhta
in (156 Characters)


Man 2 Sardar : Santa,Your Daughter Has Died!

Depressed, Sardar Jumps From 100th Floor.

At 50th Floor He Remembers,

I Dont Hav A Daughter.
in (161 Characters)


{DJ Party}There was sardar's DJParty in a party-plot,DJ asked:'kab tak bajau?'Party plot owner replied:'12baje tak baja de,Uske baad to yeGenerator ki awaz pebhi nachenge!!!'...........;->
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Santa ko rota dekhkar friend ne pucha kya hua?Santa:Bohat bada dhokha, maine 2 ton ka AC kharida ,ghar aakar tola to sirf 35 kilo ka nikla.....lol :)
in General Jokes (155 Characters)


Three guys, lost on a desert island.. They found a magic lantern containing a genie, who grants them each one wish.
The first guy wishes that he reach safe back home. and pooof!! he's gone..
The second guy wishes the same. poof!! he's gone..
The third guy was Chintoo. He says 'I?m lonely. I wish my friends were back here!!
in (332 Characters)


I was in the restaurant yesterday when I suddenly realized I desperately needed to pass gas. The music was really, really loud, so I timed my gas with the beat of the music.

After a couple of songs, I started to feel better. I finished my coffee, and noticed that everybody was staring at me....

Then I suddenly remembered that I was li...stening to my iPod.See More

in (381 Characters)


Sardar once again filling an application.
At the bottom of the application it says: 'Sign Here'
he puts'Libra.'
in (118 Characters)

New Generation - Father to son:Beta, u r 16 yrs. old.
Now its time to discuss with u about dating.
Son:Ok dad! Ask me.."ur doubts"!!!
in General Jokes (135 Characters)

Police:Instead of hospital why did u take ur wife to COMEDY MOVIE during pregnancy
Sardar: ALL the child were crying when they born
I want my child to laugh so i take my wife TO CINEMA
in (186 Characters)

American: In our country ,marriage even takes place with email.Santa: In India, it is only with a female
in Santa Banta Jokes (104 Characters)

Displaying Page 3 (of 633) and 20 Records (of 12656 Total Records)