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The fluffy clouds may kiss the sky, The rose may kiss the butterfly, The morning dew may kiss the grass,But u my friend can kiss my ass!
in Friendship Jokes (137 Characters)

H?ld ? tr?? fr??nd w?th b?th y??r h?nds, do?t l?t g? 4 tr?? fr?end c?m?s ?nc? ?n ? l?f?t?m?. Th?t's why ?'m h?ld?ng yo? tight! C?nt l?t ? go
in Cool Jokes (140 Characters)

Arzo hai unki galiyon ke chakkar kaat-kaat ke kutte hamare yaar ho gaye,
wo to hamare na ho sake par hum kutton ke sardar ho gaye..
in (132 Characters)

I'm scared to fall in love, scared to fall fast, because every time I fall in love... it never seems to last.
in Cool Jokes (109 Characters)

Preeto: Suno ji, aaj phir billi dudh pi gayee.
Santa: Main tainu kinni vaari keha hai ki apne blouse de button band karke soya kar.
in Santa Banta Jokes (132 Characters)

Miss: tum bare ho kr kya kro ge? student: Shadi
Miss:Mera mtlab h kya bno ge?...
Student: Dulha
Miss:I mean brey ho k kya hasil kro ge?

Student: Dulhan
Miss: Idiot mera mtlab brey ho k ammi abu k liye kya kro ge?
student: Bahu laon ga

Miss:stupid tmhare papa tmse kya chahte hyn??
student: Pota

Miss: Allaaahhhhh, tmhari zindgi ka mqsad kya hy ???

Student: Shadi :D
in Student Jokes (384 Characters)

You asked me who I liked and I said no one... but what I really meant was no one but you.
in Cool Jokes (89 Characters)

Doctor to sardar : You will die within 2 hours.
Do you want to see any one before you die?
Sardar : Yes. A good doctor.
in (121 Characters)

Teacher: What happen on 1869?
Sardar: I don't know.
Teacher: Stupid its birthday of Gandhi G.
Now tell me what happen on 1873?
Sardar: Its 4th birthday of Gandhi G:-)
in (170 Characters)

Airport pe:
Patni: Dekho, wo couple kitna khush dekhai de rha hai.
Pati: Wo usse drop karne aaya hai, Receive karne nahi
in Marital Woes (122 Characters)

We've known each other by CHANCE, became friends by CHOICE, still friends by DECISION. And when we say FRIEND FOREVER, that's definitely a lifetime PROMISE!
in Friendship Jokes (157 Characters)

Santa: Dus meri tokri vich ki hai ta sare ande tere.
J tu dasde kinne ta 8 de 8 tere.
J tu dasde kis janwar de ne t murgi v teri,
Banta: Koi hint to de..
in Santa Banta Jokes (156 Characters)

SANTA goes 2 a hotel & after eating he goes 2 wash his hands,
but start washing the basin
Manager:What r u doing?
SANTA: U have written here “WASH BASIN.”
in Santa Banta Jokes (157 Characters)

Santa-Banta broke a bank,
but instead of cash they find bottles of chilled red wine.
happily they drink and left
next day headline
~ Braking News ~
“Blood Bank Robbed”
in Santa Banta Jokes (172 Characters)

Banta to his servant: Go and water the plants.
Servant: It's already raining.
Banta: So what, take an umbrella and go.
in Santa Banta Jokes (120 Characters)

Lady to inspector Santa: My husband went to buy potatoes 5 days ago, he hasn't came back yet!
Santa: Why don't u cook something else?
in Santa Banta Jokes (134 Characters)

One day Santas Girlfriend asks him, Darling,
on our Engagement will you give me a RING?
Santa:Ya sure, Give me your Telephone No
in Santa Banta Jokes (130 Characters)

santa : “I saw my Wife going 2 a movie with a strange Man.”
Friend : “Did u follow them inside?”
“No yaar,” replied santa “I had already SEEN the Movie !”
in Santa Banta Jokes (156 Characters)

Santa looking at himself in the mirror, "I have seen this man somewhere".
After half an hour, "Oh, its the same man, who married my wife."
in Santa Banta Jokes (140 Characters)

A friend to Sardar:
Last year the Name-Plate
outside your house
I read Santa Singh B.A
This year I read Santa Singh M.A
When did you finish yours Master Degree..?
Sardar: You don’t understand.
Last year my wife died.
I put B.A. to indicate Bachelor Again.
Then I took a second wife,
M.A is married again
in Santa Banta Jokes (317 Characters)

Displaying Page 8 (of 633) and 20 Records (of 12656 Total Records)