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Yell whoop. Jack! Kiss Gillian the quicker, Till she bloom like a rose, and a fig for the vicar!
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She brought her cheek up close, and leaned on his; at which he whispered kisses back on hers.
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The kiss, in which he half forgets even such a yoke as yours.
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Her mouth's culled sweetness by thy kisses shed On cheeks and neck and eyelids, and so led Back to her mouth which answers there for all.
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Touch but my lips with those fair lips of thine, (Though mine be not so fair, yet are they red) The kiss shall be thine own as well as mine-- What seest thou in the ground? hold up thy head; Look in mine eyeballs; there thy beauty lies; Then why not lips on lips, since eyes in eyes?
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Dear as remembered kisses after death, And sweet as those by hopeless fancy feign'd On lips that are for others.
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Maids must kiss no men Till they do for good and all.
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There grows a flower on every bough, Its petals kiss - I'll show you how: Sing heigh-ho, and heigh-ho! Young maids must marry.
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Rose kissed me today. Will she kiss me tomorrow? Let it be as it may, Rose kissed me today.
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The kiss, dear maid! thy lip has left, Shall never part from mine, Till happier hours restore the gift Untainted back to thine.
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The sound of kiss is not so loud as that of cannon, But its echo lasts a deal longer.
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What is Kiss? Why this, as some approve; To be sure, sweet cement, glue, and lime of love.
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Stolen sweets are always sweeter, Stolen kisses much completer, Stolen looks are nice in chapels, Stolen, stolen, be your apples.
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All of London littered with remembered kisses.
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Give me a thousand kisses, then a hundred, then another thousand, then a second hundred, then yet another thousand, then a hundred.
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What is love? Tis not hereafter; Present mirth has present laughter; What's to come is still unsure. In delay there lies no plenty, Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty; Youth's stuff will not endure.
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When we two parted In silence and tears, Half broken-hearted To sever for years, Pale grew thy cheek and cold, Colder thy kiss.
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The sunlight clasps the earth, And the moonbeams kiss the sea- What are all these kissings worth, If thou kiss not me?
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And forthwith he came to Jesus, and said, Hail, master; and kissed him, And Jesus said unto him, Friend, wherefore art thou come- Then came they, and laid hands on Jesus, and took him. She stood breast high amid the corn, Clasped by the golden light of morn, Like the sweetheart of the sun, Who many a glowing kiss had won.
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Love's first snowdrop, virgin kiss.
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