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I'm sure you've met my new girlfriend,
she's been your best friend for 8 years
in Break Up SMS (79 Characters)

it hearts when heart breaks
it breaks whn luv leavez
ur life just freezez
it gives invisible brusises
ur feelings get shaterred
in Break Up SMS (131 Characters)

Look, I'm turning 16 soon, and I really just need my freedom!
in Break Up SMS (61 Characters)

Roses are red, violets are? ah the hell with it. Get your
crap and get out.
in Break Up SMS (76 Characters)

The only thing worse than being alone, is being with you.
in Break Up SMS (57 Characters)

Wen A Very Sweet N Close Person
Goes Too Far Frm Us,

We May Say Or Not Say
But Our Heart Says 2 Thr Heart:

'U Made Me Alone..'
in Broken Heart SMS (137 Characters)

Is A Wound
No One Can 'Heal'
Is A Gift
No One Can 'Steal'

Keep Your Memories Intact
in Broken Heart SMS (135 Characters)

I really love U ... But U love some1 else
When I C U
I can't close my eyes
I just want U 2 say how much I care about U
May I could say U at someTime .....
I Love U More Than Myself
in Broken Heart SMS (185 Characters)

Daddy you are the best,
although you live in the west.
stay the way you are,
while your driving your sports car.
You couldn't be a better dad
oh yeah, don't go driving around mad
I love you for ever
'cause you'r really clever
Even though i puss and shove
I will still show all my love
in Good I Love You SMS (293 Characters)

You've seen me laugh
You've seen me cry
And always you were there with me
I may not have always said it
thanks and I love you
Happy Father's Day
in Good I Love You SMS (154 Characters)

1000 words 1 cood say.1000 wishes 1 cood pray.1000 miles legs cood walk.1000 sounds a mouth cood talk.1000 times ill b true.1000 ways 2 say i luv u!
in True Love SMS (148 Characters)

Mother is an undying love,
A love beyond compare,
the one you take your troubles to,
she is the one who really cares.
Mother you are all of this and more,
I love you very much
in Good I Love You SMS (180 Characters)

Jab chala chor k batlanay ki zahmat bhi na ki,
Khob tha dosti ek arsa nibhanay wala,
Dushmani k bhi tu aadaab hain aey dost bata,
Koi itna bhi na tha tujh ko batanay wala.
in Break Up SMS (174 Characters)

Wonderful Couples in this World..
Heart & Beats..
Night & Moon..
Music & Songs..
Roses & Loves..
Fish & Water..
in Caring (Care) SMS (143 Characters)

Intizar k lamhon ka maza ajeeb hai
us k pyar ki saza ajeeb hai
Main usay yaad kia karti hon subah shaam
Aur us k khamosh rehnay ki ada ajeeb hai
in Thinking of You SMS (147 Characters)

Aashiq ne poocha khuda se,tune duniya ko dushman kyon bana diya,khuda ne hanshkar jawaab diya,tumer mere saath kaun sa achchha kiya,apne mahboob ko hi khuda banaa diyaSomendra Rajvanshi
in Mohabbat SMS (185 Characters)

7 Glances= 1 Smile7 smiles =1 meeting7meetings= 1 kiss7 kisses= 1 proposal7 Proposals=1 marriageand that bloody marriage has 777777 problems
in Funny Love SMS (140 Characters)

Relationships Are Like Glass ...

Sometimes It's Better To Leave Them Broken


Try To Hurt Yourself Putting It Back Together ...
in Break Up SMS (139 Characters)

When we truly care for a person, their mistakes never change our feelings....
Coz its head that gets angry,
while the heart still loves them.
in Caring (Care) SMS (143 Characters)

Both friends will think the other is busy & will not contact,
thinking it may be disturbing.
As time passes both will think; let the other contact.
After that each will think why should I contact 1st.
Here Your love will be converted into Hate.
You will eventually forget each other.
So keep in touch with your friends..
in Break Up SMS (348 Characters)

Displaying Page 4 (of 581) and 20 Records (of 11619 Total Records)