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Science proved it:

SAJDA karnay say nigha taiz,demag taqat war aur chera hasťen hota hai.

SUBHAN ALLAH.Spread it if u can
in Inspirable SMS (175 Characters)


Real Recorded Information :-

' EDHI Ambulance Service ( Pakistan ) Is Most Wide & Big Welfare Service In World. '
in Inspirable SMS (160 Characters)


True Factz..
5.5 trillion Cigarettes Are Produced Globally Each Year & Are Smoked By Over 1.1 Billion People Or Greater Than One-Sixth Of The World Population.
in Inspirable SMS (205 Characters)


'HALEEM' jo k ALLAH-TaLah ka Pak Name jis k means 'Burdbaar' k hain or hum nay is Lafz ko Khanay ka Name day diya hai. Or jo Humari Khanay Wali Cheez hai uska Name hai 'Daleem' jo k Dalliya Ya Khichri say Nikla hai, is Malomat ko Aagay Tak Pohnchayen Ta k ALLAH Pak k Name ki Bay-Adbi na ho.
in Inspirable SMS (336 Characters)


Shahrukh ke new film rab ne bana de jordi ka ganna(hule hule) blkl mat sunna kyun ke us mey ek line hai(rab da ve koi rab tu hu ga){NAUZEBILLA} jab k mazhab islam mey es bat ko sHirkgunnah or is muv ka aik or gana tujhma rab dikhta ha ye b kufrya kalmaat ha plz jetna zda hu sake es msg ko spread kren
in Inspirable SMS (347 Characters)


ye lufz jis saman ya Lifafey per likh dya jaey wo chori honay se mehfoz rehta he.
in Inspirable SMS (170 Characters)


Zam Zam is 18X14 ft & 30 mtr deep well. It is 27 mtr filled with water.
This small pond provides water to millions of people through heavy motors pulling 8000 liters per second and after 24 hours its water level decreases by 3 mtr but increases to full in only 11 mins.
Govt. has prohibited its commercial export.
Source : wikipedia
in Inspirable SMS (377 Characters)


Dangui Awareness «ompaign.

High fever and Severe body pain,
It«hing and Red Spots,
Bleeding from Nose and Teeth,
Severe pain behind the Eyez.

Properly «over the pots having water,e.g Bath Bu«kets and Drums et«.
Use Coils, Mats and spe«ially sprays.

Dangui Effe«ts from 6am to 9am and from 4pm to 10pm.
in Inspirable SMS (379 Characters)


Namaz men jab qyam per kharay hon to nazren sajday ki jaga, jb raku kren to paon k dermian,jab sajda kren to nak ki simat mein or jab baith jaen to jholi men ya hathon per honi chahiayein

Plz frwd dis infrmation. So that we can improve our namaz. Regards,
in Inspirable SMS (310 Characters)


!!!!!The year was 1902,
when a professor asked his
student whether it was God who created everything
that exists in the universe?
Student replied:Yes

He again asked:
What about Evil?
Has God created evil also?
The student got silent.

Then the student requested that may he ask a question from him?
Professor allowed him to do so.

He asked: Does cold exist?
Professor replied:
Yes...! Don't u feel the cold dear?
Student said: I m sorry but u r wrong sir.
Cold is a complete absence of heat.
There is no cold, it is only an absence of heat.

Student asked again:
Does darkness exist?
Professer said: Yes
Student replied: U r again wrong sir.
There is no such thing like darkness.Its actually the absence of light.

Sir...! We always study Light & Heat, but not cold & darkness.
Similarly, the Evil does not exist.Actually it is the absence of Love, Faith
& true belief in God.

That student was
Albert Einstien..,
in Inspirable SMS (960 Characters)


> Elephant is the only mammal that can not jump.
> Babies start to dream in their mother's womb.
> Most of the lipstick goes into women's stomach.
> 41% area of moon can never be seen from earth.
> Spider blood is transparent.
> 80% cases of heart attack occur at home.
in Inspirable SMS (328 Characters)


RIZK ko km krney
waley 5 asbab

-Mgrab aur Esha k
darmihaan sona,
-Qbristan m hansna
-Nmaz qza krna,
-Sjda:e:tlawat na
-Andairey m khana
in Inspirable SMS (200 Characters)


Do You Know---


Is The Only Longest Word

That Can Be Made Using

The Letters Only On

One Row Of The Keyboard.
in Inspirable SMS (170 Characters)


Amazing fact.

Aaj oct 5th hai.
Ye saal ka 10th month hai.

Aur aaj 5th shawal hai. Ye islami saal ka 10th month hai.
Aisa ittefaq sadyoon main hota hai.
in Inspirable SMS (198 Characters)


>> Agr aap dantoŮ ki takleef main mubtelah hain to hr raat eshaa ki vetr nimaz ki pehli rekhat me sorahe fathehah k baad sorahe Nasr, dosre rekhat maiŮ sorahay Lahab or teesry rekaat maiŮ sorahay Eklas padaiŮ.
100% garanty hy k aapko is takleef se nejaat melegi 'INSHAALLAH'
>>Plz frwd 2 other muslims.
in Inspirable SMS (351 Characters)


An Ironical fact:

In d primitive societies,

nobody had a WATCH & evry1 had TIME.

Butin d present societies,

evry 1 has a WATCH,

bt nobody has TIME

Sameer +92 300 2711 588
in Inspirable SMS (227 Characters)


Years come and go... But today is a special day..

? 20082008 ?


Double Match. It happens only once in a lifetime ,,,so.. I wish Y?U a very Wonderful Day!
in Inspirable SMS (216 Characters)


Did U Know?

Your Feet Are Bigger

In The Afternoon

Than The Rest Of The Day.
in Inspirable SMS (123 Characters)


Don't write (SAW) wid the name of prophet Muhammad b/c it means "a sharp knife"(taiz dhar wali churi, aari) instead of SAW pls write(S.A.W).
Forward it to all.
in Inspirable SMS (214 Characters)


Almost Al Know Tht Graham Bell Inventd Telephone,
But A Few Knw dat He Nevr Made Cal 2 His Family


His Wife & Daughter Were Deaf

Live for Others!!
in Inspirable SMS (201 Characters)

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