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Zindegi K Kisi Lamhy Main
Jab Umeed Ki Roshni KumParny Lagy
To Ghabrana Nahi Yaad Rakhna K Zameen K Kisi Konay Main 2 Hath Tumhary Leye
Hamesha Dua Go Hain.
in Dua SMS (159 Characters)

PROFESSORGandhi Jayanti ke baray mein kya jantey ho MUNNA BHAIGandhi bahut jabardast aadmi tha, Baap. Maa Kasam,par apun ko yeh nehin malum ke yeh Jayanti kaun hai.
in Bhai (Don) SMS (164 Characters)

Life is more strict than teacher.Bcoz Teacher teaches lesson & then takes Exam,But Life first takes Exam & then teaches Lessons.
in Classic SMS (128 Characters)

Flame your past in 'BHOGI'. Invite new hopes & Pleasures with 'SANKRANTHI'
in Bhogi SMS (75 Characters)

Bhogi Sthbagam Happy Bhogi
in Bhogi SMS (27 Characters)

B- Begin you day with.
L- Love in your heart.
E- Expect blessings.
S- Share goodness.
S- Shine like the sun.
I- Inspire some one.
N- Never forgot that.
G- God is with you all time.
in Abbreviation SMS (196 Characters)

Larka: Tum Ho Kya Jo Itnay Nakhray Dikha Rahi Ho?
Larki: I'm Heroin.
Larka: To Main Bhi To Heroenchi Hon. :-)
in Boys vs Girl SMS (127 Characters)

'Flame ur past in bhogi, invite new hopes, pleasures & clothes with sankranthi, enjoy kanuma with all tastes. happy pongal & happy bhogi'
in Bhogi SMS (138 Characters)

All of my heart, I send to u.
All of my life, I'll spend with u.
I love u!
in Valentine Ecard SMS (76 Characters)

-Father: Would you like me to help you revise for your test -Son: No thanks, I'd rather fail by myself.
in Baap Beta (Father Son) SMS (103 Characters)

Bikaner Bole tauB for BeutifulI for IntellegentK for KnowldegableA AdvanceN NaughtyE ExclusiveR RomanticI InterestingSo Proud to be a Bikaner
in Bikaner SMS (141 Characters)

Teri Dosti Sala Apun Ko Itni Pasand Hy JaisyUllu ko RaatDentist ko DaantGadhy ko LaatRaja ko GaddiKutty ko HaddiAurAurAurNangay ko Chaddi.
in Bhai (Don) SMS (138 Characters)

CONFIDENCEOnce, all village people decided to pray for rain.On the day of prayer all people gathered and only one boycame with an Umbrella,that's Confidence
in Classic SMS (156 Characters)

happy bhogi and happy sankranti to all
in Bhogi SMS (39 Characters)

hi hello happy bhogi

Hope you always soar
high just like the colorful
kites that dot the sky.

Happy Makar Sakranti! & Happy Bogi
in Bhogi SMS (136 Characters)

Teacher: What is common between
Buddha,Jesus ,Mahavir and Guru Nanak?
Santa: All of them were born on government holidays
in Holiday SMS (123 Characters)

hum uski yaad mai barso rote rahe
Bewafa wo nikle badnam hum hote rahe..
pyar me madhoshi ka aalam to dekhiye,
dhul chehre pe thi aur hum aaina dhote rahe
in Bewafa SMS (157 Characters)

Us se mil k bichrna to jese dastoor ho gya
Yadon me uski dil mjbur ho gya. Qasur nhi isme kuch b
uska Meri chaht hi itni thi k usay garur ho gya..
in Bewafa SMS (148 Characters)

5 differences between Turkish en ET: ET looked better, ET learned English, ET came alone, ET had his own bike and wanted to go home!
in Absurd SMS (132 Characters)

A rare combination of this februry - 4 Mondany, 4 Tuesday, 4 Wednesday, 4 Thursday4 Friday, 4 Saturday, 4 Sunday. Its happen once in each 11 years, Just share this to friend.And enjyoy all these days equally
in General Facts SMS (207 Characters)

Displaying Page 6 (of 208) and 20 Records (of 4159 Total Records)