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Can you fix watches? Then put 2 hands on that!
in Catch Up Lines SMS (46 Characters)

You're like a Pringles. Once I pop you, I can't stop you!
in Catch Up Lines SMS (57 Characters)

Do you like jewelry? Suck this, it's a gem!
in Catch Up Lines SMS (43 Characters)

do u believe in love at first site or do i have to walk by again
in Catch Up Lines SMS (64 Characters)

So let us take this holiday,
to resubmit our love, to those within that know no sin,
and with the angels move.
Happy Valentines Day!
in Holiday SMS (137 Characters)

Do u know y God created gaps between fingers??
Sumone will come in ur life,,,hold ur hand & slowly say
Le Cigratte te sutta laga
in Smoking SMS (147 Characters)

Hey, is your dad a terrorist? Cos baby, you're the bomb!
in Catch Up Lines SMS (56 Characters)

Is it hot in here or is it you?
in Catch Up Lines SMS (31 Characters)

Monday went on Tuesday 2 Wednesday and asked Thursday
whether Friday has told Saturday that Sunday is a holiday.
Have a Great Sunday.
in Holiday SMS (135 Characters)

Apun ek sher bolega,Choro Taraf Chand fenkrela hai light,Boleto ho gayeli hai night,Band karne ka tube light,Aur soneka tight, Bole to, Bye Good Night..
in Bhai (Don) SMS (152 Characters)


Easy vs Difficult

Easy is to judge the mistakes of others,
Difficult is to recognize our own mistakes

Easy is to hurt someone who loves you,
Difficult is to heal the wound

Easy is to set rules,
Difficult is to follow them

Easy is to dream every night,
Difficult is to fight for a dream

Easy is to say we love,
Difficult is to show it every day

Easy is to make mistakes,
Difficult is to learn from them...
in Inspirational SMS (431 Characters)

“You must not lose faith in humanity.Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty,the ocean does not become dirty.”
in Humanity SMS (130 Characters)

Holidays are a great time to remember those
we love and the fond memories that will always be in our hearts.
in Holiday SMS (110 Characters)

Muskare aap aur hum to fiza badal jae,Baate kare hum sang sang to mausam badal jayeItne dilkash he hum sab ke andaz,Ki chalenge saath saath to sarkar badal jaye
in Election SMS (178 Characters)

Once again, we come to the Holiday Season,
a deeply religious time that each of us observes,
in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.
in Holiday SMS (148 Characters)

I know I am one of very many fans but George you have always been so special to me.
I hope you have a most wonderful holiday season, because there have been times in my life where you have made things a little better for me with your music.
Thank you again for everything, and God bless you.
in Holiday SMS (295 Characters)

I've known Santa for 56 years now,
and I am sure he will make sure everyone has a happy holiday.
in Holiday SMS (98 Characters)

I am not a Christian, but I celebrate the Yule holiday.
Your poetic music has inspired me throughout the moments of
my life and I thank you for-it.
As a teacher of English literature, I have studied your works as
seriously as those of Wordsworth and Keats, two of my favorite British poets.
in Holiday SMS (296 Characters)

'./' :. : :.),
Happy Bhogi,sankranthi And kanuma wishes 2 u and ur family members.......
in Bhogi SMS (124 Characters)

Teri Dosti mere liye 1 tohfa Khuda ka
Jo kabhi na totay woh Rishta wafa ka
Hum tujhko kabhi bhula na saken gay
Tujh se bandhan aisa, Jese Lub aur Dua ka.
in Dua SMS (156 Characters)

Displaying Page 5 (of 208) and 20 Records (of 4159 Total Records)