SMS Abbreviations

Category Abbreviation Detail
0-9 2 To/Two/Too
0-9 2 To or Too
0-9 4 For
0-9 4 For
0-9 8 Ate
0-9 911 Emergency, call me
0-9 10Q Thank You
0-9 143 or <3 I Love You
0-9 1DAY One day
0-9 1NC Once
0-9 1ON1 One on one
0-9 2bctnd To be continued.
0-9 2d4 To die for
0-9 2DAY Today
0-9 2dls Tootles
0-9 2g4u To good for you
0-9 2Ht2Hndl Too hot to handle.
0-9 2l8 Too late
0-9 2MORO Tomorrow
0-9 2NITE Tonight
0-9 2nite Tonight
0-9 2WIMC To whom it may concern
0-9 3 8 1 Three words, eight letters, one meaning (I Love Y
0-9 3sum Threesome
0-9 4e Forever
0-9 4evr Forever
0-9 4gv Forgive
0-9 4gvn Forgiven
0-9 4nd Friend
0-9 4yeo For your eyes only
0-9 7K Sick
0-9 8ball Eightball
0-9 4EVRYRS For ever yours
0-10 7K Sick
A-Z A3 Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
A-Z AAMOF as amatter of fact
A-Z ABT about
A-Z ADN any day now
A-Z AFAIK As Far As I Know
A-Z AFK Away from keyboard
A-Z AKA also known as
A-Z Alwz Always
A-Z ANFSCD and now for something completely different
A-Z ASAP As soon as possible
A-Z ASL Age, sex, location
A-Z ATB All the best
A-Z ATK At the keyboard
A-Z ATM At the moment
A-Z AYPI? and your point is?
A-Z B Be
A-Z B4 Before
A-Z B4N Bye for now
A-Z BAK Back at keyboard
A-Z BBL Be back later
A-Z bbl Be Back Later
A-Z BBS Be back soon
A-Z BCNU Be seeing you
A-Z BF Boyfriend
A-Z BFF Best Friend Forever
A-Z BFN/B4N Bye for now
A-Z BFz4evr Best friends forever
A-Z BHL8 Be home late
A-Z BIL Boss is listening
A-Z BN Been
A-Z BOL Best of luck
A-Z BRB Be right back
A-Z BRBGP Be right back gotta pee
A-Z BRT Be right there
A-Z BTDT been there done that
A-Z BTOBS be there or be square
A-Z BTW By the way
A-Z btycl Bootycall
A-Z c See
A-Z CMi Call me
A-Z CMON Come On
A-Z CU See you
A-Z CU@ See you at
A-Z CUB L8R Call you back later
A-Z CUIMD see you in my dreams
A-Z CUL See you later
A-Z CUL8R See you later
A-Z cuz Because or Cousin
A-Z CWOT complete waste of time
A-Z CWYL chat with you later
A-Z CYA See you around, See ya
A-Z cyl See you Later
A-Z CYR BOS Call Your Boss
A-Z CYR BRO Call your brother
A-Z CYR H Call your husband
A-Z CYR MA Call your mother
A-Z CYR OFIS Call your office
A-Z CYR PA Call your father
A-Z CYR SIS Call your sister
A-Z CYR WF Call your wife
A-Z Dk Don't know
A-Z DNR Dinner
A-Z doN Doing
A-Z DTRT do the right thing
A-Z Dur? Do you remember
A-Z DXRNE dictionary
A-Z DYK do you know
A-Z E2eg Ear to ear grin
A-Z EOD End of discussion
A-Z EOL End of lecture
A-Z EVRY1 Everyone
A-Z EZ Easy
A-Z EZY Easy
A-Z F? Friends?
A-Z F2F Face to face
A-Z F2T Free to talk
A-Z FAQ frequently asked questions
A-Z FAQ Frequently asked questions
A-Z FC Fingers crossed
A-Z FITB Fill in the blank
A-Z FOAF friend of a friend
A-Z FOC free of charge
A-Z FOMCL Fell out of my chair laughing
A-Z FWIW for what it?s worth
A-Z FYA For your amusement
A-Z FYEO For your eyes only
A-Z FYI For Your Information
A-Z G&BIT grin & bear it
A-Z G2G or GG got to go
A-Z G9 Genius
A-Z GAL Get a life
A-Z GBH great big hug
A-Z GF Girlfirend
A-Z GG Good game
A-Z GMeSumLuvin Give me some lovin?!
A-Z GMTA Great minds think alike
A-Z GOK god only knows
A-Z GOWI get on with it
A-Z GR8 Great!
A-Z GSOH Good salary, own home
A-Z gtg or g2g Got To Go
A-Z GTSY Glad to see you
A-Z GUDLUK Good luck
A-Z H&K Hugs and kisses
A-Z h2cus Hope to see you soon
A-Z h8 Hate
A-Z HAG1 have a good one
A-Z HAGN Have a good night
A-Z HAND Have a nice day
A-Z HHRT Hit Hard Right Through
A-Z HIH hope it helps
A-Z HldMeCls Hold me close
A-Z HRU How are you
A-Z HSIK how should I know
A-Z Ht4U Hot for you
A-Z HTH Hope that helps
A-Z IAC In any case
A-Z IAD8 It's a date
A-Z IC I See
A-Z ICQ I seek you
A-Z idc I Don't Care
A-Z IDK I don't know
A-Z IDTT I?ll drink to that
A-Z IGotUBabe I've got you babe
A-Z IGTP I get the point
A-Z IIRC If I recall correctly
A-Z IJWTK I just want to know
A-Z ILU I love you
A-Z ILU2 I love you too
A-Z ILUA I love you alot
A-Z ILuvU Alwz&4evr I love you always and forever
A-Z ily I Love You
A-Z Im :) 2hv Mt U I'm happy to have met you
A-Z IM 4 U I am for you
A-Z IMBLuv It must be love
A-Z IMHO In my honest (or humble) opinion
A-Z IMI I mean it
A-Z IMO In my opinion
A-Z IMTNG I am in a meeting
A-Z INPO in no particular order
A-Z IOU I owe you
A-Z IOW In other words
A-Z IRL In real life
A-Z Its F8 It's fate
A-Z IUSS If you say so
A-Z IYD In your dreams
A-Z IYKWIM If you know what I mean
A-Z J4F Just for fun
A-Z JAM just a minute
A-Z JFK Just for kicks
A-Z JHB Johannesburg
A-Z JIC just in case
A-Z JK Just kidding
A-Z jp Just Playing
A-Z JstCllMe Just call me
A-Z JTLYK just to let you know
A-Z jw Just Wondering
A-Z k or kk Okay
A-Z KC Keep cool
A-Z KHUF Know how you feel
A-Z KHYF know how you feel
A-Z KISS Keep it simple, Stupid
A-Z KIT Keep in touch
A-Z KOTC Kiss on the cheek
A-Z KOTL Kiss on the lips
A-Z KUTGW keep up the good work
A-Z kwim Know What I Mean?
A-Z L&N Landing
A-Z L8 Late
A-Z L8R Later
A-Z L8r Later
A-Z L8RG8R later gator
A-Z LDN London
A-Z LDR Long Distance Relationship
A-Z LDR Long distance relationship
A-Z LL&P live long & prosper
A-Z LMAO Laugh my ass off
A-Z LNK love and kisses
A-Z LOL Laughing out loud
A-Z lol Laugh(ing) Out Loud or Lots Of Laughs Lots of Love
A-Z lolz Lots of Love
A-Z lq2ms Laugh(ing) Quietly To Myself
A-Z LSKOL Long slow kiss on the lips
A-Z LTNC Long time no see
A-Z LTNS Long time no see
A-Z LtsGt2gthr Lets get together
A-Z LUV Love
A-Z lylab Love You Like A Brother
A-Z lylas Love You Like A Sister
A-Z lyN Lying
A-Z M$UlkeCrZ miss you like crazy
A-Z M8 Mate
A-Z MC Merry Christmas
A-Z MGB May god bless
A-Z Mob Mobile
A-Z MTE My Thoughts Exactly
A-Z MU Miss you
A-Z MUSM Miss you so much
A-Z MYOB Mind your own business
A-Z n and
A-Z NA No access
A-Z NC No comment
A-Z NE any
A-Z NE1 anyone
A-Z ngl Not Gonna Lie
A-Z NITING Anything
A-Z No1 No one
A-Z NOYB none of your business
A-Z NP No problem
A-Z NRN No Reply Necessary
A-Z nufN Nothing
A-Z NWO No way out
A-Z O4U Only for you
A-Z OBTW oh, by the way
A-Z OIC Oh, I see
A-Z OMG oh my god
A-Z OTOH on the other hand
A-Z PCM please call me
A-Z PCME Please call me
A-Z PITA Pain In The A*8
A-Z pl& Planned
A-Z PLS Please
A-Z PLZ 4GV ME Please forgive me
A-Z PML Piss Myself Laughing
A-Z po$bl Possible
A-Z PPL people
A-Z PRT party
A-Z PRW Parents Are Watching
A-Z PTB Please Text Back
A-Z PUKS Pick Up Kids
A-Z QPSA? que pasa?
A-Z QT cutie
A-Z R Are
A-Z RGDS Regards
A-Z RINGL8 Running Late
A-Z RLR Earlier
A-Z RMB Ring my bell
A-Z ROFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing
A-Z ROFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
A-Z ROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off
A-Z ROTG Rolling on the ground
A-Z ROTGLMAO Rolling on the ground laughing my ass off
A-Z RTFM Read the flaming manual
A-Z RU Are you
A-Z RU CMNG Are You coming
A-Z RUOK Are You OK?
A-Z SC Stay cool
A-Z SETE Smiling ear to ear
A-Z SHLM Shalom
A-Z shopN Shopping
A-Z SK8 Skate
A-Z SME1 someone
A-Z SO Significant other
A-Z SOHF sense of humour failure
A-Z SOL Sh_t out of luck
A-Z SPK Speak
A-Z SPK 2 U L8R Speak to you later
A-Z SRY Sorry
A-Z STATS Your sex and age
A-Z SWALK Sent with a loving kiss
A-Z SWATK Sent/Sealed with a tender kiss
A-Z SWG Scientific wild guess
A-Z T+ Think positive
A-Z T2Go Time to go
A-Z T2ul Talk to you later
A-Z TDTU Totally devoted to you
A-Z thnks, thnx, or thx Thanks
A-Z THNQ Thank you
A-Z THX thank you
A-Z TIA Thanks in advance
A-Z TIC Tongue in Cheek
A-Z Tks Thanks
A-Z TLA Three letter acronym
A-Z TMI too much information
A-Z TMIY Take me I'm yours
A-Z TOY thinking of you
A-Z TTFN Ta-Ta For Now!
A-Z ttly Totally
A-Z TTYL Talk To You Later
A-Z TUL Tell you later
A-Z TXTIN texting
A-Z ty Thank You
A-Z U You
A-Z U You
A-Z U2 You Too
A-Z U4E Yours For Ever
A-Z UI! You Idiot!
A-Z UR You are
A-Z UR TH WKEST LNK GDBY You are the weakest link goodbye
A-Z UR4Me You are for me
A-Z URT1 you are the one
A-Z uvbnsmuchd You've been smooched
A-Z VBS very big smile
A-Z VRI Very
A-Z w/e Weekend, Whatever
A-Z W@ What
A-Z W4u Waiting for you
A-Z W8 Wait?
A-Z W84M Wait for me
A-Z W8N waiting
A-Z WAN2 want to
A-Z WAN2 : * Want to kiss?
A-Z Wan2 C a moV? Want to see a movie?
A-Z WB Welcome Back
A-Z wdymbt What Do You Mean By That
A-Z WLUMRy Me will you marry me?
A-Z WOT What
A-Z WRT With respect to
A-Z WRU Where are you?
A-Z WTF What The F?
A-Z WTG Way To Go!
A-Z WTH What The Hell
A-Z WTMPI Way To Much Personal Information
A-Z WUF Where Are You From?
A-Z WUWH wish you were here
A-Z WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
A-Z X! Typical woman
A-Z XclusvlyUrs Exclusively yours
A-Z XLNT Excellent
A-Z XO Kiss and a hug
A-Z Y Why?
A-Z Y! Typical Man
A-Z YBS you?ll be sorry
A-Z YGM You got mail
A-Z YR Your
A-Z Z the (affected, as in 'what's zee time?')
A-Z ZOMG Oh My God (Sarcastic variant)
A-Z ZZZ Sleeping, Bored, Tired
Romantic A3 Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
Romantic BF Boyfriend
Romantic BM Val Be my valentine
Romantic FYEO For your eyes only
Romantic GF Girlfirend
Romantic h2cus Hope to see you soon
Romantic HldMeCls Hold me close
Romantic Ht4U Hot for you
Romantic H&K Hugs and kisses
Romantic IAD8 It's a date
Romantic IGotUBabe I've got you babe
Romantic ILU I love you
Romantic ILU2 I love you too
Romantic ILUA I love you alot
Romantic IM 4 U I am for you
Romantic IMBLuv It must be love
Romantic Its F8 It's fate
Romantic KOTC Kiss on the cheek
Romantic KOTL Kiss on the lips
Romantic LDR Long distance relationship
Romantic LSKOL Long slow kiss on the lips
Romantic LTNS Long time no see
Romantic Luv U2 Love you too
Romantic Luv U Love You
Romantic M$ULkeCrZ Miss you like crazy!
Romantic MU Miss you
Romantic MUSM Miss you so much
Romantic O4U Only for you
Romantic QT Cutie
Romantic RMB Ring my bell
Romantic SO Significant other
Romantic SWALK Sent with a loving kiss
Romantic TDTU Totally devoted to you
Romantic U4E Yours forever
Romantic UR4Me You are for me
Romantic URT1 Your are the one
Romantic UV BN Smuchd You've been smooched
Romantic WAN2 :* Want to kiss?
Romantic WLUMRy Me will you marry me?
Romantic WUWH Wish you were here
Romantic X Kiss
Romantic XO Kiss and a hug
Romantic XclusvlyUrs Exclusively yours
Romantic :) Smiling
Romantic :* Kiss
Romantic @} Long stemmed rose
Romantic :D Laughter
Romantic :)) Very happy
Romantic ;) Winking
Romantic :& Tongue tied
Romantic 0:00) Saintly
Romantic :0 Shocked
Happy #:) Smiling with a fur hat
Happy &:) Smiling with curls
Happy (:) Smiling with helmet
Happy (::()::) Bandaid, offering help or support
Happy ') Winking, I'm kidding
Happy :( ) Smiling with mouth open
Happy :) Smile
Happy :)= Smiling with a beard
Happy :)8 Smiling with bow tie
Happy :)8 Smiling with bow tie
Happy :*) Clowning
Happy :] Wants to befriend you
Happy :^D Great. Me like.
Happy :o Wow! or oh!
Happy :T Keeping a straight face
Happy ;) Winking, I'm kidding
Happy ;> Sly wink
Happy [:) Smiling with walkman
Happy ^ Thumbs up
Happy ^5 High five
Happy {:) Smiling with hair
Happy 8) Smiling with glasses
Happy 8] Wowza, man
Happy c',) Mr. Happy (don't look at it sideways)
Happy C|:) Smiling with top hat
Happy d:) Smiling with cap
sad :-( Frowning; boohoo
sad :( Sad
sad :-< Really sad
sad :-c Really unhappy
sad :-C Really bummed
sad &-| Tearful
sad :' Crying
sad :'-( Crying and really sad
sad :-| Grim
sad :[ - Really down
sad :-[ Pouting
sad _/ - (My)glass is empty
angry >:-< Angry
angry :-|| Angry
angry :-@ Yelling
angry :-V Bellowing, shouting
angry :-r Sticking out tongue
angry :-, Smirk
angry :-P Sticking out tongue (nyah, nyah)
angry :-> Bitingly sarcastic
angry :-& Tongue tied
angry :-S Incoherent
angry :- Undecided
angry :- I Hmmm (considering something)
angry :-, Hmmm (considering something)
angry :-# Lips are sealed
angry :-X Lips are sealed
angry :-Y Aquiet aside
angry :-' Pursing lips
angry :-W Speaking with forked tongue
angry :( ) Can't stop talking
shock :> What?
shock :@ What?
shock :Q What?
shock :-o Uh oh or surprise
shock ;-) Sardonic incredulity
shock :O Shocked
shock 8-| Eyes wide with surprise
shock :-/ Skeptical
shock 8-O Oh my god
shock :-C Unbelieving, aghast
shock |-{ Good Grief! (ie. Charlie Brown reference)
Dumb :~/ Mixed up
Dumb %-) Braindead
Dumb (:I Egghead
Dumb <:-I Dunce
Dumb =:-) Hosehead
Dumb :-] Smiling blockhead
Dumb :-[ Un
Dumb |-O Yawning, tired
Dumb |-I Sleeping
Dumb :-6 Exhausted; wipeout
Schedule A3 Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
Schedule ATK At the keyboard
Schedule BAK Back At Keyboard
Schedule BBL Be Back Later
Schedule BBS Be Back Soon
Schedule BHL8 Be home late
Schedule BRT Be Right There
Schedule CU@ See you at (time or place)
Schedule h2cus Hope to see you soon
Schedule F2F Face to face
Schedule JstCllMe Just call me
Schedule L8 Late
Schedule L8r Later
Schedule RU CMNG Are You coming
Schedule T2Go Time to go
Schedule Wan2 C a moV? Want to see a movie?
Schedule WRU Where are you?
Schedule W4u Waiting for you
Schedule W8 Wait
Schedule W84M Wait for me
Miscellaneous :-* Oops!
Miscellaneous :-I Indifferent
Miscellaneous -o Bored
Miscellaneous :-P Tongue hanging out in anticipation
Miscellaneous O :-) Angelic
Miscellaneous :-? Smoking a pipe