Time comes and goes. Relationships are build and they remain in our heart. They grow with time and becomes trustworthy when we share love, thoughts, feelings, sadness, fun moments and hardships with passage time in our life. The feelings of being together and love cannot be estimated unless we are in a relationship that is strong and growing it with the years of our life. The trust and feelings are woven together in the fabrication of time. With time these bondages grow healthier and stronger. Happiness comes, love zoom in and the feeling become subtle and smoother rather being naive and uncertain. All the years spent together turns into celebrations of joy and happiness and when we complete years while with being each other and with the fond memories of the past, we celebrate, celebrate it as our Anniversary with each other along with our family and friends.

Anniversary sms messages is a way of telling our loved ones about our feelings and expressions about how happy and meaningful their life has become because of their presence and the time they have given us. It is a story of the past one year, which had many ups and downs, but by being together in all these times of happiness and sadness things have been controlled easily. You have always been there at all these times. Because of the people around you, you celebrate the essence of your happiness by sending the anniversary sms message to them. All these years of your life are the indications of of well being and goodness in your life and would not have been there without the presence of your loved one who held it tight for you, always. To give a meaning to this journey and to express your feelings for the time that you have spent together, share the joy by sending anniversary sms messages. The best gift in the world is the time we take out to give to our special someone while passing all these years of life itself becomes a gift worth sharing it with your loved one. Anniversary is the right occassion to tell them, how special they are. Send the anniversary sms message to share and celebrate the time spend together as a whole.

SMSTongue brings your thoughts, sms, messages, quotes, shayari in the beautiful pattern of words on your first anniversary, 10th, 25th, 40th, 50th anniversary, silver jubilee anniversary, golden jubilee anniversary and diamond jubilee anniversary. Just log on SMSTongue Anniversary section and make your loved one know that they mean a world to you.

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