How to Send Free SMS


There are many websites available from you can send Free SMS across India and Internationally too. Some of these Free sites are very quick and your SMS is delivered instantly. But on some sites SMS reaches with some delay and on some where SMS doesn't reach at all or only some SMS reaches.


With many sites coming up for sending Free SMS, there many features that these sites offers. There are limitations on number of SMS that you can send on each day and it varies from sites to site. There are sites which offers sending one or two SMS only per day. Now, some sites are there form where you can create and send group messages to all the users who are a member of that group.

List of Sites

Site Name Rating Delivery to Features
Way2SMS - India Quick Delivery, Mail Alerts, Contact Address book, Character limit 140
160by2 - India, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia Quick Delivery, Reminders, Birthday Reminders, Good Contact address book management, Character limit 80 (145 from Mobile)
MyCantos - India
Youmint - India
SendSMSnow - Many Countries including India SMS Inbox, Sent History, SMS notifications, Organize contacts, Character Limit 130, Schedule SMS,
Indyarocks - India Character Limit 140
Google SMS Channels - Send SMS to groups, Create your own groups, Invite Friends to join these groups, Can be use for your sites and updates
SMS GupShup - India Create Groups, Join Groups, Send messages to groups