About Us

I was thinking to start an SMS portal which provides SMS for all tastes. Where in users can contribute an SMS and search SMS to send them to their loved ones, family, relatives, friends and known ones. Then I thought why not to have a portal where some SMS tips, how to send Free SMS and Short-an-SMS service can also be included.

With this I started working on SMSTongue in May 2010 and it was launched on 19th May, 2010.
On 2nd June, 2010, Mobile site of SMSTongue was launched at: m.smstongue.com. From the mobile site, users can navigate through all Tastes and can find SMS of their taste by searching SMS and Tastes.
Later on I separated some Tastes into different sections which had their own sub-tastes like Jokes, Quotes and Shayari.
On 4th, Nov. 2010, a new section was made Wishes to separate it from SMS section.

SMSTongue is an SMS Portal to provide users with free sms, jokes, quotes, shayari, wishes and ratings/reviews for them. Our service includes adding, searching, sharing, dedicate, rating, reviewing an SMS, Jokes, Quotes, Shayari, Wishes; Sending Items by Mail; SMS related tips; Compress Message.

Today on May 19th, back to the Month of May again (when I started SMSTongue) but a year later..some major changes have been implemented on portal.

  • A new home page is now displaying Top Random SMS, Jokes, Quotes and Shayari
  • New Logo for SMSTongue
  • Easy URLs are being used now for Messages and Tastes
  • For Tastes, simply type http://smstongue.com/taste/TASTENAME just replace TASTENAME by the taste like love-sms, friendship-sms to view sub-tastes and to view messages in these Tastes type http://smstongue.com/taste/item/TASTENAME, again change TASTENAME to taste
  • To view Messages just type http://smstongue.com/item/ITEMNUMBER i.e. 1,2,3 and so on..
  • Feeds have been created (for Messages of the Day) and can be accessed at: http://smstongue.com/feed and on Feedburner at: http://feeds.feednurner.com/messagesoftheday. New messages feed at: http://smstongue.com/feed/newmessages and on Feedburner at: http://feeds.feedburner.com/NewMessages. One can now subscribe to New Messages, Messages of the Day (all, sms, jokes, quotes, shayari) via Email and SMS
  • A new section Dialogues is added today which would include Famous dialogues from Movies and Plays
  • Now one can view what he/she has just searched


the Concept

  • Often we want to send an SMS to our loved ones, family members, friends and relatives. We want to send a new sms everytime and find it difficult and many times we even ask someone to forward us a good message. Here, you can find an SMS of your Taste and can even add an SMS of your Taste.
  • Many a times it happens that our messages are long enough that either they take more than one message space or if we are sending them using some Free SMS service, we are not able to send them because of their Max. Character Limit. Here, you can make an SMS Short by using our Short-an-SMS service.
  • More over you can dedicate an SMS to someone..

Do you have some Thought, Idea or a Quote (as SMS) and want to share it with the World, but not able to find a place on Web...
I never left.. I was always there, Standing very close.. just thinking about You, Waiting for you to Turn.. and be with Me - KB
Add your Name to it (like - YourName) and add them here..and invite your Friends to Send, Share, Dedicate, Rate and Review them..