Features on SMSTongue!

  • SMS Dictionary
    Short forms and abbrevations for words to use in SMS, Messages and Chat
  • Add Message
    We have a huge collection of Items and we want it to grow and have some more cool and nice Item, Jokes, Quotes, Shayari, Wishes. Help us grow it by adding more of them
  • Compress Message
    This is a cool nice feature. Here, you can compress a message by reducing its length
  • Dedicate Message
    There is huge collection of nice and cool SMS, Jokes, Quotes, Shayari, Wishes etc. You can dedicate Message to your friend and these will be shown on our Home Page
  • Search Items
    With huge collection of items - SMS, Jokes, Quotes, Shayari, Wishes etc. We have provided Quick Basic Search and advance search. Using our search options you can search by typing some word or text, search by Keywords, search by Tags
  • Send Item by Mail
    Don't wanna send Message by using Cellphone, send them using Email. Just go to Item Detail page and click on send by email and your friend will see it in his mail box
  • Cool Content
    Access some content related to SMS, Mobile etc. Like there is Mobile Number Locator to search from where a particular mobile number belongs to, Go through SMS abbreviations which are used very often
  • Mobile Access
    Access SMSTongue using your mobile. Quickly search and copy Items
  • Rate Message
    Rate Message and tell everyone how is it. More the ratings given to items, better it would be in searching good items
  • Review Message
    Write a review about Message and share what you feel about it
  • Item Character Length
  • Search Tastes
    There are over 2700 Tastes. We have made it easy to search Tastes (Categories) as well. Just type a Taste or keyword you want to search in the Taste Search box above
  • SMS Games
    You can see what SMS Games can be played. Browse through some ideas which can be played as SMS
  • Quotes Collection
    Large collection of Quotes
  • Jokes Collection
    Large collection of Jokes
  • Shayari Collection
    Large collection of Shayari
  • Share on Facebook
    You can share an item with your Friends on Facebook. Just click the Share button on an item detail page and share it with everyone instantly.
  • One-Click-Copy
    Use QR Code Scanner to copy messages to your Mobile.
  • Message on Demand
    send a SMS messsage @smstongue keyword and get Message on your Mobile
  • Message Character Length
    View Message Character Length
  • Message to Image
    Convert Message to Colorful image
  • Short-a-Message
    Reduce length of a Message