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The majority are surviving their illnesses and going on into adulthood.
in Adulthood Quotes (71 Characters)

I'll always be there because I'm a skilled professional actor. Whether or not I've any talent is beside the point.
in Actors Quotes (114 Characters)

When you're safe at home you wish you were having an adventure; when you're having an adventure you wish you were safe at home.
in Adventure Quotes (127 Characters)

With affection beaming out of one eye, and calculation shining out of the other.
in Affection Quotes (80 Characters)

Thou hast power only to act not over the result thereof. Act thou therefore without prospect of the result and without succcumbing to inaction (The translation follows thusKarmani ave adhikars te--you have the power to act onlyma phalesu kadachana--you do not have the power to influence the resultma karmaphal hetur bhoo--therefore you must act without t.
in Action Quotes (356 Characters)

Words mean nothing. Action is the only thing. Doing. That's the only thing.
in Action Quotes (75 Characters)

Advertising moves people toward goods; merchandising moves goods toward people.
in Advertising Quotes (79 Characters)

The art of acting is to be other than what you are.
in Acting Quotes (51 Characters)

Advertising is what you do when you can't go see somebody. That's all it is.
in Advertising Quotes (76 Characters)

I've seen the menu and I have no idea what some of them are, so it's an adventure.
in Adventure Quotes (82 Characters)

They're acting like the target of a scandal, .
in Acting Quotes (46 Characters)

Putting beautiful typefaces on weak ad .. Is likePutting make-up on a corpse it may look beautiful,But it is still dead.
in Advertising Quotes (120 Characters)

I think that's been about as successful as me acting in movies.
in Acting Quotes (63 Characters)

There is no acting in a serial. You simply race through the reels.
in Acting Quotes (66 Characters)

Action based only on principles isn't always good even if it feels good.
in Action Quotes (72 Characters)

I'm goin' where the wind don't blow so strange, maybe off on some high cold mountain chain.
in Action Quotes (91 Characters)

Act honestly, and answer boldly.
in Action Quotes (32 Characters)

We inherit nothing truly, but what our actions make us worthy of.
in Action Quotes (65 Characters)

The action is best that secures the greatest happiness for the greatest number.
in Action Quotes (79 Characters)

It is not what they profess but what they practice that makes them good.
in Action Quotes (72 Characters)

Displaying Page 268 (of 270) and 20 Records (of 5397 Total Records)