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Good intentions are at least, the seed of good actions; and every one ought to sow them, and leave It to the soil and the seasons whether He or any other gather they fruit.
in Action Quotes (172 Characters)

A man who has to be convinced to act before he acts is not a man of action. You must act as you breathe.
in Action Quotes (104 Characters)

To live is not merely to breathe; it is to act; it is to make use of our organs, senses, faculties - of all those parts of ourselves which give us the feeling of existence.
in Action Quotes (172 Characters)

Affirmative action is the attempt to deal with malignant racism by instituting benign racism.
in Action Quotes (93 Characters)

If you really do want to be an actor who can satisfy himself and his audience, you need to be vulnerable. [You must] reach the emotional and intellectual level of ability where you can go out stark naked, emotionally, in front of an audience.
in Actors Quotes (242 Characters)

I have nothing to complain about... except maybe people wondering if a queen like me can be butch-it-up enough to play a convincing straight man.
in Actors Quotes (145 Characters)

I decided to become an actor because I was failing in school and I needed the credits.
in Actors Quotes (86 Characters)

...and there I suddenly found my articulate self in a dazzling land of smiling, jostling people wearing and not wearing all sorts of costumes and doing all sorts of clever things. And that's when I knew! What other life could there be but that of an actor?
in Actors Quotes (256 Characters)

Actors who have tried to play Churchill and MacArthur have failed abysmally because each of those men was a great actor playing himself.
in Actors Quotes (136 Characters)

In Spain there's the king - and then there's Antonio.
in Actors Quotes (53 Characters)

I get pressure from my audience and my agents to be a 'good girl,' and I'm in the public eye, so if I mess up, it's going to be all over the place.
in Actors Quotes (147 Characters)

Being a motion picture actress is the pitch of ecstasy.
in Actors Quotes (55 Characters)

It changed me more than anything else. You don't want to get to that place where you're the adult and you're palpably in the next generation. And, this shoved me into that.
in Adulthood Quotes (172 Characters)

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.
in Adventure Quotes (34 Characters)

If adventure does not wait on the doorstep, climb out through the window.
in Adventure Quotes (73 Characters)

Literacy is such a complicated adventure today.
in Adventure Quotes (47 Characters)

I find him very enlightening. If there is something inspiring you -- if it's an adventure with H&M -- you have to do it. You must not hold back.
in Adventure Quotes (144 Characters)

The adventure of the hero is the adventure of being alive.
in Adventure Quotes (58 Characters)

We in middle age require adventure.
in Adventure Quotes (35 Characters)

In the hour of adversity be not without hope For crystal rain falls from black clouds.
in Adversity Quotes (87 Characters)

Displaying Page 269 (of 270) and 20 Records (of 5397 Total Records)