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A goOd wife alwAyz fOrgives hEr HUSBAND wEn
she‘s WRONG EVEN!!
in Wife SMS (126 Characters)


Ek admi ko dhamki mili k 3 din me 50 hazar do nhi to tmhari b.v ko aghwa kr len gay.
Admi. Me tmhara motalba to pora nhi kr sakta lekin tm apna vaada pora krna.
in Wife SMS (205 Characters)


Santa :Judge Sahab, Mujhe Talaq Chahiye

Pichhle Ek Saal Se Meri Biwi Ne Mujhse Baat Nahi Ki.

Judge :Ek Baar Firse Sochle, Aisi Biwi Kismat Se Milti Hai !!!
in Wife SMS (203 Characters)


Shohar:BV se munna kabse ro ro kar halkan horha ha ise loori suna k sula kyun nhi deti?
BV: Loori de kr sulati hoon to parosi kehte hain k munNe ko hi rone do!
in Wife SMS (204 Characters)


Long ago
Men who sacrificed
their Love & youth
their parents
their identity
their laughter n happiness
were called SAINTS
But. . . .
Now they r called HUSBANDS
in Wife SMS (212 Characters)


Radio Quiz:

Should women have children after 35?

Sardar Replied:

No, 35 children are more than enough!
in Wife SMS (152 Characters)


Wife: If I removed da cook & make da food myself 4 a month,what will u pay me?

Husband: I don?t hav 2 pay u, u?ll get my entire insurance amount.;-)
in Wife SMS (203 Characters)


Man On His Death Bed Confesses 2 His Wife-I Had An Affair With Ur Sister, Ur Best Frd & The Maid.
Wife : I Know Darling. Now Relax & Let The Poison Work! ..;-)
in Wife SMS (220 Characters)


Wife: Mein jab gaana gaati hoon
toh aap balcony mein kyon chale jate ho?

Husband: Taki kahin muhalle wale aisa na samjhe
ki mein tumara gala daba raha hoon
in Wife SMS (203 Characters)


mERAY office Se shAm K? Ghar LaUt aNAy pER,
MerI bEguM K chehrAy k? sada Gamgeen pA?a hai,
MaGR pehli tareEKH hO t? Hans K kEHti h?I,

in Wife SMS (224 Characters)


A Wife hit her Husband with a Frying Pan.
Husband:What was THAT for?
Wife:I found a paper in your pocket, with the name Jenny on it.
Husband:I played RACE last week and Jenny was the name of my HORSE.
Next day the Wife hit him with the Frying Pan AGAIN!
Wife:Your Horse PHONED!

in Wife SMS (349 Characters)


A ?ouple Drove For ?everal Miles, Not ?aying A Word

As They Passed A ?arnyard Θf Mules & Donkeys,

Wife; Relatives Θf Ψours .!

Husband: Yep, My In-Laws?!
in Wife SMS (248 Characters)


?B.v Apne Shohar Tareef Kb Krti Hy? 1 Admi Ne Apne Dost Se Pocha

Dost: Jb Shohar Chorh Jaye

?Kia Matlab? Admi ne Pocha

Dost: Mtlb Ye k Bht Kch Chorh Jaye ;->
in Wife SMS (213 Characters)


2 Married Men Talking-
10yrs Ago,
Whenever I Returned Home,
My Dog Used To Greet Me By Barking & My Wife By Kissing.

Now They Both Exactly Do The Opposite
in Wife SMS (209 Characters)


Bivi shohar se?munna itni dair se ro raha hai magar tumhain fursat nahi kae isay thoori dair kae liye goud mein otha lo.akhir mein esay jhaiz mein to nahi laai thi? shohar bhi ghusay se.tum to aisy keh rahi ho jaisay mein easy apna barati bana kar laya tha.
in Wife SMS (302 Characters)


Wyf : Luk A Thief Has Enterd Our Kitchen

N He Is Eating D Cake Prepard By Me

Husband: Whom Shud I Cal

Now Police Or Ambulance..
in Wife SMS (176 Characters)


Aik Dolatmand Admi Shadeed Bimaar Tha,
Jab Is K Akhiri Lamhaat Kareeb Aye To Doctorz Ne Jawab De Dia,
His wife Said:Tum Abhi Nahi mar Saktay,
Khuda K Liay Abhi Na Maro.
Martay Huay Shakhs Ne Jawab Dia:BEGUM Mat Ro,SABR Kro,AB m??N Chund Lamhoon Ka Mehmaan HoON.
Wife:NAHI, , ,!
Nahi, , ,!!!
Tum Aj Mar Kr Mujhay Zaleel Nahi Kr Saktay,
Mainay Tumharay Sog Me Pehnnay Wala Kala Suit Darzi Ko Silnay Dia Hai,JO Mujhay Kal Milay Ga ?.
in Wife SMS (475 Characters)


Wife: If I die what will u do?
Husband: Main paagal ho jaun ga!

Wife: Will u marry again after I die?
Husband: Pagal kuch bhi kar sakta hai
in Wife SMS (186 Characters)


Husband: dear tumhari neck par ajeeb si cheez hay jise dekh kar khauf aata hay.

Wife:Wo kiya?

Husband:Tumhara ?moun?
in Wife SMS (164 Characters)


A Small Argument Betwn A Couple Turns Violent.

Angry Husband: Do Not Let D Animal In Me Cum Out.

Wife: Who Is Scared Of A Mouse!
in Wife SMS (176 Characters)

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