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Sardar told his servant:
Go and water the plants. Servant
it's already raining. Sardar: So what?
Take an umbrella and go.
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Sardar after interview
everything went fine till the time
he asked me for testimonials.
I guess i showed him the wrong thing !!!
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Sardar and Pathan going somewhere together.
They found 1000 Rs. on the way.
Pathan: Let's take 50/50.
Sardar: What will do of remaining 900?
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Sardar bought a new mobile.
He sent a message to everyone
from his Phone Book & said,
My Mobile No. Has changed.
Earlier it was Nokia 3310. Now it is 6610
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Sardar complained to the police: 'Sir, all items are missing,
except the TV in my house.'
Police: 'How the thief did not take TV?'
Ah Beng : 'I was watching TV news?'
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Sardar in airoplane going to Bombay.
While its landing he shouted:
'Bombay ?.Bombay'
Airhostess said: 'B silent.'
Sardar: 'Ok? Ombay? Ombay'
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Sardar sent SMS to his BOSS:
'Me sick, no work'
Boss SMS back:
'When I am sick I kiss my wife try it'
2 hours later sardar sms 2 boss:
'Me ok, ur wife very sweet'
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Sardar was busy removing
a wheel from his auto.
A man asks sardar why are
you removing a wheel from your auto.
sardar : Cant you read the board.
Parking is only for 2 wheeler
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Sardar: 'Doctor, my son swallowed a key.'
Doctor: When?
Sardar: 3 months ago.
Doctor: What were u doing till now?
Sardar: We were using duplicate key.
Doctor: So why have u come today?
Sardar: We ve lost the duplicate key !!!
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Interviewer: Congrats, you are selected.
Your 1st month salary is Rs: 6000.
Next month salary will be 10000.
Sardar: Ok sir, I'll Join next month.
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Sardar in a library bangs a book on the table, saying
Wht is this book, all names of characters and no story at all'
Librarian: so u r the one who took the telephone directory!!!
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Ek american ek sardar se kaha hamare yahan saadi e-mail se bhi hoti hai
isper sardar bola kamal hai hamare yahan to sirf female se hoti hai
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A sardar saw a board on which it was written ' padhne wala stupid'.
Sardar got irritated and wrote 'likhan wala stupid'
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Premika-Tum to bas apne kaam me lage rehte ho..
Meri to koi prwah hi nhi he tumhe!
Srdar Premi-Oye, Pyar krne wale kisi ki prwah Nahi karte
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sardar. to his friend:yaar bari mushkil main hoon
mairi Bivi mujh say aik kiss ka RS.100 laiti hay
friend.Acha,yaar to baara lucky hay dosron sey woh 500aiti hai
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Sardar: Will u merry , after i die .
Wife : No i wiil live with my sister.
Wife : Will u marry , after i die .
Sardar: No i will also live with ur sister.
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A Sardar Opened sugarbox & saw in the box.He repeat this process three times in a day.When his wife asked,He said:Dr said 2 me 2 check sugar level regularly....
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1. Don?t dare talk in front of my back! 2.Both of u three get out of the class! 3.Why r u so late.. say yes or no? 4.Take 5 cm wire of any length! 5.I have 2 daughters, both of them are girls. 6.All of u stand in a straight circle. 7.Quiet! The principal just passed away? 8.Everybuddy stand lengthwise. 9.Y r u looking at the monkey outside da window wen I?m here? 10.Ur talking bad habbit.
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Son to Sardar: 'papa 5+5 kitnay hotay hain?' . SARDAR: 'ullu de pathay, nalaiq, ediot, besharam, gadhay . . Tujhe kuch nahi aata Jaa andar se calculator la..
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Sikh: Kal koi meri biwi k sath zabardasti krgya aur Rs 20000 v le gya.
Pathan: Tum jhut bolta hai,15000 tha.
Sikh: Paison ka itna masla nahi bas aadmi pata kar yaar.
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