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SMSTongue offers a large collection of Spicy & Naughty SMS. The compliation includes good quality Spicy & Naughty SMS submitted by users. Browse through our nice collection of Spicy & Naughty SMS repository with latest and new Spicy & Naughty SMS being added daily. You will find unqiue messages which you can share, rate and review with your friends. Also, you can send these messages using your mobile phone.

Spicy & Naughty SMS also covers a good collection of messages on Naughty SMS, Double Meaning SMS, Misleading SMS, Spicy SMS submitted by various users. You can browse through these tastes and view messages. Copy them to your Mobile with single click and send to your friends.
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this is your mobile operator we can see that you are too dump to use your mobile please put it on the floor and start jumping on it
in Naughty SMS (131 Characters)

Shes down on her knees,Eager to please,Wid a throb of his nob in her gob,Wid a tingle in his belly,his legs turn to jelly cos shes doin a good job!
in Naughty SMS (147 Characters)

Kiss's r blown + kiss's r wasted kiss's rnt kiss's unless they r tasted, kiss's spread germz + germz hated, so kiss me BABE im vacinated!
in Naughty SMS (137 Characters)

A man said 2 his doctor 'everytime I look in the mirror I get an erection' the doctor said 'That's because u look like a cunt!
in Naughty SMS (126 Characters)

I'm popey the sailorman, I'm member of the klu klux clan, when I pull the triger, I kill a fuc***g nigger. I'm popey the sailor man, toet toet.
in Naughty SMS (143 Characters)

How to keep an idiot entertained *press down* ...... ... .. ........ ..... ......... .. .. How to keep an idiot entertained *press up*
in Naughty SMS (134 Characters)

You don't know the meaning of the word 'fear' - but then again you don't know the meaning of most words.
in Naughty SMS (104 Characters)

2- Sardar Ji calls Air India. 'How long does it take to fly to Amritsar?' 'Just a sec,' says the rep. Thank you.' says the Sardar ji and hangs up
in Naughty SMS (145 Characters)

1- Sardar ji is buying a TV 'Do you have color TVs?' 'Sure.' 'Give me a green one, please.'
in Naughty SMS (91 Characters)

Banta: U cheated me. Shopkeeper: No, I sold a good radio to u. Banta: Radio label shows Made in Japan but radio says This is all India Radio!
in Naughty SMS (141 Characters)

Theres a sparkle in your eye that only i see, and theres a place in your heart where only i wanna be
in Naughty SMS (100 Characters)

Sardar get frustrated of jokes made on him, so he goes to his wife and says Tel me joke in which i'm not involveed.' She smiles and says ...' I am pregnant
in Naughty SMS (155 Characters)

take me 2 a lonely place make sure noone is watching rip me naked hold me by my waist take me to ur lips and........................
in Naughty SMS (132 Characters)

Confucious say Man have more hair on chest than woman - but on the (w)hole woman have more.
in Naughty SMS (91 Characters)

Feelin bored? Think of me. Feelin sad? Call me. Feelin lonely? See me. Feelin horny? Use ur hand & njoy d art of messaging me.
in Naughty SMS (126 Characters)

If you assume you may make an ASS out of U and ME, but if you don't assume, nothing gets done.
in Naughty SMS (94 Characters)

Nipple, Nipple donít b far, let me press u in my car, up above the chest so high, always milky never dry, let me suck u donít feel shy, in the bra uíll die.
in Naughty SMS (156 Characters)

Latest porn releases: Shaving Private Ryan, Position Impossible, As Big As It Gets, Forest Hump, Riding Miss Daisy, Starwhores and Pornocchio.
in Naughty SMS (142 Characters)

Good girls loosen a few buttons when its hot, bad girls make it hot by loosening a few buttons!
in Naughty SMS (95 Characters)

A survey by Cosmo states that women who sleep on their side are sensitive, on stomach are competent and on their back with legs in the air are very popular.
in Naughty SMS (156 Characters)

Displaying Page 8 (of 108) and 20 Records (of 2147 Total Records)