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if u sneeze once
think am missing u
if u sneeze 2nd time
think i want 2 listen u
if u sneeze 3rd time
think i want 2 meet u
4th time....
take a tablet PAGAL!!

in Naughty SMS (213 Characters)

yeh aisa msg hai............. , jisay nalaik parhtey hain,bewakoof save kartey hain ,pagal delet kartey hain kya karney waley hain;)
in Naughty SMS (186 Characters)

i wanted 2 kill da sweetest, smartest and da most beautiful person on earth..
but then i thought......suicide iz a crime;)

in Naughty SMS (171 Characters)

kaash tumhain aisi beemari lagay...

ke burhapay main bhi tu pyari lagay...

chahay darjan ho jayen bachay teray...

tu phir bhi hum ko pyari lagay...
in Naughty SMS (199 Characters)

U r thousands of Killo Meters away from me,Still I'm watching ur every moment by 3 different channels....



in Naughty SMS (213 Characters)

Think well,
Work well,
Eat Well,
Sleep well,
play well also & if u cant SMS me, then throw ur MOBILE inside the same well.......
in Naughty SMS (187 Characters)

Tum aik besharam aur zaleel insaan ho!

tumhara na to koi character hai na emaan

tum jesay log dunia main dil he tortay hain

Ye film BUDHA GUJAR ka dialogue hai!
in Naughty SMS (212 Characters)

i'd climb the highest mountain
i'd swim the ocean blue
i'd do anthimg my dear
just 2 get away from u
in Naughty SMS (149 Characters)

Fact1: You can not touch your lower lip with your tounge...

Fact2: After reading this, 99/100 idiots would try it..
in Naughty SMS (168 Characters)

Ye Sookha Ander Jata Hai
Gila Bahir Ata Hai

Pehle Chota Hota Hai
Phir Ye Mota Hota Hai

Jab Ye Ander Rehta Hai
To Ye Red Color Deta Hai

Thori Dair Helane Ke Bad
Jab Esse Bahir Nekalo

To Apna Kam Dikha Kar Ye
Bejan Sa Bahir Ata Hai

Kuch Aur Nahin Hai Ye,
Es Ko
in Naughty SMS (352 Characters)

The comentator asked
inzmam a question for
which he was not prepared.
Comentator:you had a baby
girl born few days back,
how r u feeling? Inzmam:
First of all thanks to Allah,it
was a team effort, all the
boys contributed in it and
without Afridi's hard
strokes it could not have
been possible!!!

in Naughty SMS (355 Characters)

Kya aap..
Colse Up karte hain..?
Kya aap Confidence se Chalte hai..!
Kya aap Penalty Bharte hai...!
"MOBILE" k bill se derte hai..!
To aap SMS kyuo nahi krta hian

in Naughty SMS (233 Characters)

karay jaoo.
karay jaoo.
baysharmoon ke tarah sms receive kartay jaoo
khud kabhi na
in Naughty SMS (192 Characters)

meray dost!

jab main ne phool maanga
tum ne guldasta dia

jab paani ka qatra maanga
tum ne glass bhar ke dia

jab sms ka kaha
tum ne mujhe call ki

abay behra hai kia?
in Naughty SMS (221 Characters)

Women r like an Internet Virus, they ENTER ur Life, SCAN ur pockets, TRANSFER ur money, EDIT ur mind, DOWNLOAD their problems, DELETE ur smile & HANG U 4ever!
in Naughty SMS (213 Characters)

Just close ur eyes and think of urself for 10 seconds......
Open ur eyes !
& u ll realize that u have wasted 10 seconds in thinking
in Naughty SMS (214 Characters)

If u want the latest MERCEDES BENZ on easy installments of 10 yrs without any down payment.......
plz log onto our website:
www.apni aukat mein

in Naughty SMS (205 Characters)

A good friend is like a Donkey

because a good freind carrys the load of difficulties and pain in our friendship.
you do same and you are my good friend so you are my cute donkey....
in Naughty SMS (230 Characters)

sumtimes i 4get 2 say hi,
sumtimes i 4get 2 reply,
sumtimes my msg doesnt reach u,
but it doesnt mean i 4get u.
i m just giving u time to miss me
in Naughty SMS (196 Characters)

Allah aap ko zindagi de
Allah aap ko daulat de
Allah aap ko khushian de
Allah aap ko kamyaabi de

sab yaad ho gaya????

Chal utha katora aur shurru ho ja!
in Naughty SMS (205 Characters)

Displaying Page 106 (of 108) and 20 Records (of 2147 Total Records)