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SMSTongue offers a large collection of Spicy & Naughty SMS. The compliation includes good quality Spicy & Naughty SMS submitted by users. Browse through our nice collection of Spicy & Naughty SMS repository with latest and new Spicy & Naughty SMS being added daily. You will find unqiue messages which you can share, rate and review with your friends. Also, you can send these messages using your mobile phone.

Spicy & Naughty SMS also covers a good collection of messages on Naughty SMS, Double Meaning SMS, Misleading SMS, Spicy SMS submitted by various users. You can browse through these tastes and view messages. Copy them to your Mobile with single click and send to your friends.
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Hain mulaqat k sare hi qarene majood

Aur pehla jo qarena hai woh barpoor b hai...

Meri mano tu raho aaj ki shab ghar meray

Loadshading b hai, Badal b hain,GHAR door b hai...
in Naughty SMS (225 Characters)

Taste this SMS

Did u feel the taste of ginger?




in Naughty SMS (158 Characters)

Aap ki aankhain chanda jesi...

aap ke baal chanda jesay....

aap ka chehra chanda jesa...


chanda hamari bhains ka naam...
in Naughty SMS (183 Characters)

It takes 15 trees to produce the amount of paper that we use to write one exam.
Join us in promoting the noble cause of saving trees. SAY NO TO EXAMS

in Naughty SMS (198 Characters)

Jab hota hai tera didar,Dil dharakta hai baar-baar

Jab hota hai tera didar,Dil dharakta hai baar-baar

Aadat se majboor ho tum jane kab maang lo udhaar

in Naughty SMS (203 Characters)

Kiya ap kay sir per seengh hain?
r u sure?
plz check again.
no problem
sabit hua kay waqie Gadhay kay sir per seengh nahi hotay

in Naughty SMS (194 Characters)

| /
/ |
wouldn't Be Hot
-- -- -- --
Wouldn't Be Blue
I Wouldn't Be Happy
('o') without
(")(") some1 like U
in Naughty SMS (268 Characters)

When I was a cute child
Many ladies wanted to
Kiss Me and
I allowed them
Now I want to Kiss
Cute ladies but they
don’t allow me
Moral:  Ladies are selfish….
in Misleading SMS (175 Characters)

Jab barish ho to bahar betha karo
Tumhari kismat khul jaye gi
Kismat na badli to kya howa
Kam se kam shakal to dhul jaye gi
in Misleading SMS (129 Characters)

Mera Number 10 May say Offi Ho Jayega
because mera visa lag gaya hai. I am going to England for
3 years. Remember me in your prayers. See you around.
Miss you All.
Kal Raat Yeh Khuwab Aaya Tha
in Misleading SMS (224 Characters)

Woh chom lein ek bar to Urjaati hai neend,
Unki awaz sunte sunte raat jati hai beet,
Is liye kehte hain ye risk na uthao,
in Misleading SMS (172 Characters)

A light can replace dark
A success can replace failure
A smile can replace pain
But nothing can replace YOU
Defective piece
No replacement:D
in Misleading SMS (163 Characters)

Teachr. Bcho wada kro cigrett shrab nhi pioge.
bche:nhi pienge.
teachr:larkio ka pecha nhi kroge
bche:nhi krnge
teachr:un pr awazen nhi kso ge.
bche: nhi ksenge.
teachr: apni zndgi wtn pr qurban kroge.
bche:  krenge.
asi zndgi ka krna bhi kia he.
in Misleading SMS (253 Characters)

My Msg 2 da wrld!
If u like me,
raise your hands
.. if not,
then raise your standards!!
in Misleading SMS (95 Characters)

Three FASTEST means of Communication :
1. Tele-Phone
2. Tele-Vision
3. Tell to Woman
Need still FASTER – Tell her NOT to tell ANYONE..
in Misleading SMS (146 Characters)

Tumse mil kar hogaya zindgi se pyar
Raah main chorr kar mat jana mere yaar
Bin tere hum ji na payenge
Tum na hoge to hum
kisay banayenge;-)
in Misleading SMS (154 Characters)

Today’s Titanic’s 94 Anniversary…
So Every True Lover is Requested…
In Memory of Jack & Rose…
To Put Their Mobile Into Water For 2 Minutes!
in Misleading SMS (181 Characters)

Welcome 2
Type password****
Sorry! Apki affair karneki umar guzar chuki hai
Plz try4
in Misleading SMS (156 Characters)

In1 year,12 months,365 days & nights,8760 hours,52560 min,3153600 sec,sirf aap ko hi yaad kia.
Aur sirf 2 mins lagayis jhoot ko type kernay mein :p;)
in Misleading SMS (159 Characters)

Y is”FIRE BRIGADE”Red in color?
Answr:FIRE BRIGADE has a Ladder,
Ladder has Steps,
in Misleading SMS (100 Characters)

Displaying Page 107 (of 108) and 20 Records (of 2147 Total Records)