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SMSTongue offers a large collection of Spicy & Naughty SMS. The compliation includes good quality Spicy & Naughty SMS submitted by users. Browse through our nice collection of Spicy & Naughty SMS repository with latest and new Spicy & Naughty SMS being added daily. You will find unqiue messages which you can share, rate and review with your friends. Also, you can send these messages using your mobile phone.

Spicy & Naughty SMS also covers a good collection of messages on Naughty SMS, Double Meaning SMS, Misleading SMS, Spicy SMS submitted by various users. You can browse through these tastes and view messages. Copy them to your Mobile with single click and send to your friends.
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One agent was tensed. Dealer: Kya hua? Agent: Main 6 mahine se tour pe hoon, aur meri biwi pregnant ho gai. Dealer: Ab pata chala bina order ke maal aaye to kaisa lagta hai...
in Naughty SMS (175 Characters)

A newly wed couple went to CM for aashirwaad. CM said: Hum CM hain aur CM kabhi aashirwaad nahin dete, sirf udghatan karte hain.
in Naughty SMS (128 Characters)

If you cry, I cry...if you laugh, I laugh...if you are happy, I am too...if you are sad, I am too...and if you are horny, call me.
in Naughty SMS (130 Characters)

Height of reality: An actress being fucked by a producer without using a condom saying that she has to play the role of a pregnant lady in his next movie.
in Naughty SMS (154 Characters)

Sex & Shopping have one thing in common: In both the cases, men start sweating in 15 minutes & women want to go on and on and on and on!
in Naughty SMS (136 Characters)

Knowledge is like ur underwear... u should have it, but not show it off & most important, when u have sex, keep ur knowledge aside.
in Naughty SMS (131 Characters)

When an apple is green, it is ready to pluck and when a girl is 18 she is ready to... VOTE. Hamesha galat hi sochoge!
in Naughty SMS (117 Characters)

Viagra now available in powder to put in tea, does nothing for erections but stops your biscuit from going soft.
in Naughty SMS (112 Characters)

Sex - Burn Calories Chart Lying down: 90cal Standing up: 492cal Doggie style: 326cal 2nd round: 824 cal Dressing up after sex while spouse knocks at d door: 5000 cal
in Naughty SMS (165 Characters)

A great scientist developed a bra that stops woman's boobs from bouncing while running or nipples showing when wet. His colleagues killed him!
in Naughty SMS (142 Characters)

Kalu makes idlis 4 breakfast. Wife: How did u manage 2 make such huge idlis? Kalu: With the help of this special cloth. Wife-U idiot give me my Bra back
in Naughty SMS (152 Characters)

8 qualities of a perfect husband: Brave, Intelligent, Gentle, Polite, Energetic, Nutty, Industrious, Sensitive. And if all else fails, read the capital letters only.
in Naughty SMS (165 Characters)

What’s d heights of tension? When u get 2 c cleavage of sexy teacher sitting right in front of u, during last 5 minutes of exam & u got 2 write a lot to pass.
in Naughty SMS (158 Characters)

Guys think larger a woman's breasts, less intelligent she is. But the fact is that larger a woman's breasts, less intelligent the Men become!
in Naughty SMS (141 Characters)

darling ru know full fom of DARLING ? D = dear A = always R = remembar L = love I = is N = not G = game D.K
in Naughty SMS (107 Characters)

If i was a dog If i was a dog and u are a flower I would raise my leg and give u a shower neema t
in Naughty SMS (97 Characters)

Love is a name, Sex is the game, Forget the name,and, Play the game.
in Naughty SMS (68 Characters)

Lovers sitting in a park,boy tries to kiss the girl. girl:No dear not all this before marriage. Boy: Dont worry darling i'm already married.
in Naughty SMS (140 Characters)

Judge : Why did U hit Ur Husband ? Lady : He Called Me From Office,Took Me To Bedroom,Removed My Clothes,Laid Me On D Bed&Said April fool......
in Naughty SMS (143 Characters)

If u dont mind If u dont feel bad If dont hesitate Please...... give me a K ki kis kiss kiss...... kissan cooking oil bottle just RS.250 only...
in Naughty SMS (144 Characters)

Displaying Page 11 (of 108) and 20 Records (of 2147 Total Records)