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SMSTongue offers a large collection of Spicy & Naughty SMS. The compliation includes good quality Spicy & Naughty SMS submitted by users. Browse through our nice collection of Spicy & Naughty SMS repository with latest and new Spicy & Naughty SMS being added daily. You will find unqiue messages which you can share, rate and review with your friends. Also, you can send these messages using your mobile phone.

Spicy & Naughty SMS also covers a good collection of messages on Naughty SMS, Double Meaning SMS, Misleading SMS, Spicy SMS submitted by various users. You can browse through these tastes and view messages. Copy them to your Mobile with single click and send to your friends.
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Don't carry umbrella during rain,
keep WHISPER on ur head coz yeh ghanto tak geelepan ka ehsas bhi na hone de. ;-)
in Naughty SMS (159 Characters)

Sardar: larkiyan bhi ajeeb hoti hain. baat karo to thappar marti hain!

Pathan: yehi to tum na patay ka baat kia, larka acha hota hai . . . ;->
in Naughty SMS (192 Characters)

A Beautiful Statement written inside Men's Toilet :

The Future of our Country is now in your Hands! ;->
in Naughty SMS (153 Characters)

Shadi kerni thee per Kismat

khulli nahi,

Tajmahel bana tha per MUMTAZ

milli nahi,

Ab kismat khulli , shadi hui, ab TAJMAHEL bnana

chahta hoon,

Per yeh MUMTAZ merti nahi.
in Naughty SMS (227 Characters)

If u hav 2 eggs between ur 2 legs u r a man
but if u hav 4 eggs between ur 2 legs don't think
u r a superman someone is F**king u
in Naughty SMS (131 Characters)

MADAM said to a naughty boy!
Jab main sakht hoti hon to bohat sakht,
NAram hoti hon to bohat naram,
NAughty boy said !Madam aap to bilkul meri LULLI Jaisee ho..!!!!!!
in Naughty SMS (169 Characters)

Sardar to friend: Meri bivi pani se darti hai.
Sardar: Kal jab main ghar gaya to woh bath tub main Security Guard k saath bethi thi...
in Naughty SMS (150 Characters)

I had a wet dream about you last night .... I pissed myself laughing when you fell of a cliff!
in Double Meaning SMS (94 Characters)

MBBS Final Exam:-
Question: Fill in the blanks.
If a lady faints, we must 1st check her PU_S_
Only few intelligent students wrote PULSE
in Double Meaning SMS (138 Characters)

Put your hand on my hand
hold my back with your other hand
touch your lip with my lips
taste how hot I am
do this everyday
don't b confuse I am you tea cup.
in Double Meaning SMS (167 Characters)

her koi ker raha hai arman phudi ka
phudi pe mar raha hai insaan phudi ka
phudi bhi rabar ka lun bhi rabar ka
kiya kiya bana raha hai japan phudi ka
in Naughty SMS (151 Characters)

When an apple is green, its ready to pluck.
When a girl in eighteen, she is ready to...
VOTE. You dirty mind, Elections are near,
but I know what you were thinking.
in Naughty SMS (167 Characters)

In a bar 1 Guy says 2 another
'I slept wid ur mom last nite'
D whole bar was waiting 4 d other Guy's response.
He laughs & says, 'Lets go home dad, U r drunk'
in Naughty SMS (161 Characters)

Daughter: Mummy that man gave me 10 rupees to climb that tree.
Mother: Stupid !He wanted to see ur panty.
Daughter: I am clever I din't wear any of them.
in Naughty SMS (155 Characters)

One day there was this naked man and elephant,
the elephant looks at the naked man for a few
seconds, ask the naked man,
in Naughty SMS (171 Characters)

A cat and a rooster sat by a lake, the cat fell in the lake,
the rooster laughed!
LESSON: when there's a wet pussy, there's a happy cock!
in Naughty SMS (139 Characters)

Lady: I'm warning u, my hubby is coming back in half an hour. Man: But I'm not doing anything. Lady: That's why I'm warning u. Hurry up.
in Naughty SMS (136 Characters)

children playing outside the car can cause accidents..
Adults playing inside the ar can cause CHILDRENS!!
in Naughty SMS (140 Characters)

It goes in dry it comes out wet.the longer its in the stronger it gets.we can have it in bed just you and me...its not what you think its a cup of tea!
in Double Meaning SMS (151 Characters)

Someday u may lose ur hair.u may lose ur teeth- ur money & even lose ur mind.But 1 thing u will never loose is ur good looks.coz u cant lose wot u don't have!
in Double Meaning SMS (158 Characters)

Displaying Page 4 (of 108) and 20 Records (of 2147 Total Records)