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In order to renovate the house, some1 in Japan tore open the wall. Japanese houses normally have a hollow space between the wooden walls.Whn tearing down the walls, he found dat der was a lizard stuck der bcoz a nail 4 outside was hammered into 1 of its feet. He saw this, felt pity, and at the same time he was curious. When he checked the nail, turns out, it was nailed 10 years ago when the house was first built.
The lizard had survived in such a position for 10 years! In a dark wall partition for 10 years without moving, it is impossible and mind boggling. Then he wondered how this lizard survived for 10 years without moving a single step--since its foot was nailed!

So he stopped his work and observed the lizard, wht it had been doing,n what and how it had been eating. Later, not knowing from where it came, appeared another lizard, with food in its mouth.

Ahh! He was stunned and at the same time, touched deeply. Another lizard had been feeding the stuck one for the past 10 years...

Such love, such a beautiful love! Such love happened with this tiny creature...
What can love do? It can do wonders! Love can perform miracles!
Just think about it; one lizard had been feeding the other one
untiringly for 10 long years, without giving up hope on its partner.
in Love Stories SMS (1357 Characters)



A guy and his girl friend where speeding
at 100 kmph.
GIRL:slow down its too scray...
BOY:no its fun.and asked her to hug him tight and tells
her that the helmet is heavy on my head take it and
were it on....
The next day its seen in the newspapers that a bike
crashed into the building and out of that only the girl
survived. the truth is that the guy realised that the
breaks failed but he dont want her 2 know.
he felt her love by getting her hug the last time........
in Love Stories SMS (518 Characters)


once there was a sparrow who love a withe rose.she perposed the withe rose butt rose reply that
when he will turns red he will alsi fell in love with sparrow. than sparrow tore her body and
slowly spread her blood on the the flower turns red and fell in love with sparrow. butt sparrow no more
in Love Stories SMS (337 Characters)


Girl: I am not pretty.
Boy: No.
Girl:Do u want to live with me.
Girl:Will u cry if i leave u.
The got was hurted & started 2 cry.
The boy pulled her close and said: ' ur not pretty
but beautiful, i dont want to live with
u but live for u, if u leave me
i wont cry but i die.......
in Love Stories SMS (318 Characters)


There was a beautiful girl named Rexona and a hand some boy named Cinthol, Rexona & cinthol fell in love with each other. Rexona parents were Hamam & Margo, cinthol parents were wheel & Nirma, Rexona was very excited to make cinthol his 'Life Boy'.

They wished to marry and approach their aunt 501 who mannages to convince them. Rexona & cinthol were very happy in thier love they fixed their marrige at ' Fair & lovely ' garden opposite to Santoor theatre, Medimix city.

They invited their friends Lux, Dove, Dettol, Savlon, Tide, Fa, Jo and others, Rexona and cinthol got married and lived Happily in their Dream land 'PEARS' and after 1 year they got twins 'Johnson & Johnson'
in Love Stories SMS (703 Characters)


Gali se ek ladki guzra karti thi
Uske chehre par nakab hua karta tha
Phir bhi us par ek ladka marta tha
Shyad vo use dilo jan se chahata tha
Woh use baar baar kehta “Muh se naquab hata do apna chand sa mukhada dekha do”.
Par ladki ne muh se naquab na hataya Ladke ko apna chehra na dikhaya
Kai din beet gaye ladki ko woh ladka nazar na aaya
Ladki kuch pareshan se rehne lagi
Kisi terha puchte puchte woh uke ghar pahochi.
Padosiyon ne kaha “ Mahotarma aap ko aane main thodi der ho gaye us deewane ke to saat roz pehle he mot ho gaye”.
Padosi ne apna farz nibhaya ladki ko ladke ke kabar tak pahuchaya
Ladki zor zor se rone lagi apne aansuon se kabar ko dhone lagi
Tabhi kabar se ek aawaz aaye
“Waqt waqt ke baat hai pehle tumhare chehre par naquab tha aur aaj humare chehre par hai”
in Love Stories SMS (805 Characters)

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The Wolf and the Lamb

WOLF, meeting with a Lamb astray
from the fold, resolved not to lay violent hands on him, but to find some
plea to justify to the Lamb the Wolf's right to eat him.  He thus
addressed him: 'Sirrah, last year you grossly insulted me.'  'Indeed,'
bleated the Lamb in a mournful tone of voice, 'I was not then born.' 
Then said the Wolf, 'You feed in my pasture.'  'No, good sir,' replied
the Lamb, 'I have not yet tasted grass.'  Again said the Wolf, 'You
drink of my well.'  'No,' exclaimed the Lamb, 'I never yet drank water,
for as yet my mother's milk is both food and drink
to me.'  Upon which the Wolf
seized him and ate him up, saying, 'Well! I won't remain supperless, even
though you refute every one of my imputations.'  The tyrant will always
find a pretext for his tyranny.
in Animal Kingdom Stories (846 Characters)

The Bat and the Weasels

A BAT who fell upon the ground and
was caught by a Weasel pleaded
to be spared his life.  The
Weasel refused, saying that he was by
nature the enemy of all birds. 
The Bat assured him that he was
not a bird, but a mouse, and thus
was set free.  Shortly
afterwards the Bat again fell to
the ground and was caught by
another Weasel, whom he likewise
entreated not to eat him.  The
Weasel said that he had a special
hostility to mice.  The Bat
assured him that he was not a mouse,
but a bat, and thus a second
time escaped. 
It is wise to turn circumstances
to good account.

in Animal Kingdom Stories (635 Characters)

The Ass and the Grasshopper

An Ass having heard some Grasshoppers
chirping, was highly enchanted; and, desiring to possess the same charms
of melody, demanded what sort of food they lived on to give them such beautiful
voices.  They replied, 'The dew.'  The Ass resolved that he would
live only upon dew, and in a short time died of hunger.
in Animal Kingdom Stories (352 Characters)

The Lion and the Mouse

A LION was awakened from sleep by
a Mouse running over his face.  Rising up angrily, he caught him and
was about to kill him, when the Mouse piteously entreated, saying: 
'If you would only spare my life, I would be sure to repay your kindness.' 
The Lion laughed and let him go.  It happened shortly after this that
Lion was caught by some hunters,
who bound him by st ropes to the ground.  The Mouse, recognizing his
roar, came gnawed the rope with his teeth, and set him free, exclaim 
'You ridiculed the idea of my ever
being able to help you, expecting to receive from me any repayment of your
favor; I now you know that it is possible for even a Mouse to con benefits
on a Lion.'
in Animal Kingdom Stories (744 Characters)

The Charcoal-Burner and
the Fuller

A CHARCOAL-BURNER carried on his
trade in his own house.  One day he met a friend, a Fuller, and entreated
him to come and live with him, saying that they should be far better neighbors
and that their housekeeping expenses would be lessened.  The Fuller
replied, 'The arrangement is impossible as far as I am concerned, for whatever
I should whiten, you would immediately blacken again
with your charcoal.' 
Moral: Like will draw like.
in Animal Kingdom Stories (487 Characters)

The Father and His Sons

A father had a family of sons who
were perpetually quarreling among themselves.  When he failed to heal
their disputes by his exhortations, he determined to give them a practical
illustration of the evils of disunion; and for this purpose he one day
told them to bring him a bundle of sticks.  When they had done so,
he placed the faggot into the hands of each of them in succession, and
ordered them to break it in pieces.  They tried with all their strength,
and were not able to do it.  He next opened the faggot, took the sticks
separately, one by one, and again put them into his sons' hands, upon which
they broke them easily.  He then addressed them in these words: 
'My sons, if you are of one mind, and unite to assist each other, you will
be as this faggot, uninjured by all the attempts of your enemies; but if
you are divided among yourselves, you will be broken as easily as these
in Animal Kingdom Stories (964 Characters)

The Boy Hunting Locusts

A boy was hunting for locusts. 
He had caught a goodly number, when he saw a Scorpion, and mistaking him
for a locust, reached out his hand to take him.  The Scorpion, showing
his sting, said: If you had but touched me, my friend, you would have lost
me, and all your locusts too!'
in Animal Kingdom Stories (317 Characters)

The Cock and the Jewel 

A COCK, scratching for food for himself
and his hens, found a precious stone and exclaimed:  'If your owner
had found thee, and not I, he would have taken thee up, and have set thee
in thy first estate; but I have found thee for no purpose.  I would
rather have one barleycorn than all the jewels in the world.'
in Animal Kingdom Stories (352 Characters)

The Wolf and the Crane

A WOLF who had a bone stuck in his
throat hired a Crane, for a large sum, to put her head into his mouth and
draw out the bone.  When the Crane had extracted the bone and demanded
the promised payment, the Wolf, grinning and grinding his teeth, exclaimed:
'Why, you have surely already had a sufficient recompense, in having been
permitted to draw out your head in safety from the mouth and jaws of a
In serving the wicked, expect no
reward, and be thankful if you
escape injury for your pains.
in Animal Kingdom Stories (537 Characters)

The Fisherman Piping

A fisherman skilled in music took
his flute and his nets to the seashore.  Standing on a projecting
rock, he played several tunes in the hope that the fish, attracted by his
melody, would of their own accord dance into his net, which he had placed
below.  At last, having long waited in vain, he laid aside his flute,
and casting his net into the sea, made an excellent haul of fish. 
When he saw them leaping about in the net upon the rock he said: 'O you
most perverse creatures, when I piped you would not dance, but now that
I have ceased you do so merrily.'
in Animal Kingdom Stories (600 Characters)

Hercules and the Wagoner

A CARTER was driving a wagon along
a country lane, when the wheels sank down deep into a rut.  The rustic
driver, stupefied and aghast, stood looking at the wagon, and did nothing
but utter loud cries to Hercules to come and help him.  Hercules,
it is said, appeared and thus addressed him:  'Put your shoulders
to the wheels, my man.  Goad on your bullocks, and never more pray
to me for help, until you have done your best to help yourself, or depend
upon it you will henceforth pray in vain.' 
Self-help is the best help.
in Animal Kingdom Stories (576 Characters)

The Ants and the Grasshopper

The Ants were spending a fine winter's
day drying grain collected in the summertime.  A Grasshopper, perishing
with famine, passed by and earnestly begged for a little food.  The
Ants inquired of him, 'Why did you not treasure up food during the summer?' 
He replied, 'I had not leisure enough.  I passed the days in singing.' 
They then said in derision:  'If you were foolish enough to sing all
the summer, you must dance supperless to bed in the winter.'
in Animal Kingdom Stories (518 Characters)

The Traveler and His Dog

A Traveler about to set out on a
journey saw his Dog stand at the door stretching himself.  He asked
him sharply:  'Why do you stand there gaping? Everything is ready
but you, so come with me instantly.'  The Dog, wagging his tail, replied: 
'O, master! I am quite ready; it is you for whom I am waiting.' 
The loiterer often blames delay on
his more active friend.
in Animal Kingdom Stories (417 Characters)

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