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The Hawk, the Kite, and
the Pigeons

The pigeons, terrified by the appearance
of a Kite, called upon the Hawk to defend them.  He at once consented. 
When they had admitted him into the cote, they found that he made more
havoc and slew a larger number of them in one day than the Kite could pounce
upon in a whole year. 
Avoid a remedy that is worse than
the disease.
in Animal Kingdom Stories (383 Characters)

The Widow and the Sheep

A certain poor widow had one solitary
Sheep.  At shearing time, wishing to take his fleece and to avoid
expense, she sheared him herself, but used the shears so unskillfully that
with the fleece she sheared the flesh.  The Sheep, writhing with pain,
said, 'Why do you hurt me so, Mistress? What weight can my blood add to
the wool? If you want my flesh, there is the butcher, who will kill me
in an instant; but if you want my fleece and wool, there is the shearer,
who will shear and not hurt me.' 
The least outlay is not always the
greatest gain.
in Animal Kingdom Stories (590 Characters)

The Wild Ass and the Lion

A wild ass and a Lion entered into
an alliance so that they might capture the beasts of the forest with greater
ease.  The Lion agreed to assist the Wild Ass with his strength, while
the Wild Ass gave the Lion the benefit of his greater speed.  When
they had taken as many beasts as their necessities required, the Lion undertook
to distribute the prey, and for this purpose divided it into three shares. 
'I will take the first share,' he said, 'because I am King:  and the
second share, as a partner with you in the chase:  and the third share
(believe me) will be a source of great evil to you, unless you willingly
resign it to me, and set off as fast as you can.' 
Might makes right.
in Animal Kingdom Stories (746 Characters)

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