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“The probability of a topic
coming in exam increases exponentially,
if one decides to leave the topic completely….”
in Exam SMS (117 Characters)

LINCOLN: If i have 8 hrs 2 cut a tree I spend 7 hrs in sharpening axe!
Gr8 STUDENT: If i have 8 hrs 2 study I spend 7 hrs for searching book..!
in Student SMS (144 Characters)

kehdo padhne walo se kabhi hum bhi padha karte the
jitna syllabus padh kar wo top kiya karte the ,
utna syllabus to hum chod diya karte the
in Exam SMS (141 Characters)

Thousand Words of a Teacher Does not Hurt...
But The Silence Of A Friend
In The Examination Hall
Brings Tears To The Eyes. :-)
in Student SMS (126 Characters)

Agar Question Paper Tough Lagay.
Ya Samajh Main Nahi Aaye To.
Ek Gehri Saans Lo Aur...
Zor Se Chillao:
Kamino Fail He Karna Hai To Exam Kyon Lete Ho? :-)
in Student SMS (159 Characters)

Exams are like Girl friends
- Too many questions
- Difficult to understand
- More explanation is needed
- Result is always fail!
in Exam SMS (132 Characters)

3 rules of college
1. Be quiet in the Class coz othrs r Sleeping.
2. Dont 4get 2 carry Ur bag coz it acts as a Pillow.
3. Keep the Campus Clean So be Absent.
in Student SMS (160 Characters)

I'm studying for finals - this defies the laws of physics by sucking and blowing at the same time :-/
in Exam SMS (101 Characters)

A genius is one who can do in one daywhat others do in hundred days!Just like us!we cover our course in one day before exam&teachers take the whole year
in Exam SMS (152 Characters)

Hum honge all passhum honge all passhonge all pass 1 dinho ho.Likhte hai bakwasfir bhi hai vishwaspaper kiya hai jakaashum honge all pass 1 din.
in Exam SMS (144 Characters)

Last night my books were dancing in my dream .Do u know on which song? Guess??..Guess??...........Zara zara touch me touch me touch me!
in Exam SMS (135 Characters)

Exams are near,Subjects are not clear,Questions appear,Answers disappear,Oh! my dear,Dont fear,Bcoz i'm here 2 wish u, All clear!Have a great exam fest!All the best.
in Exam SMS (165 Characters)

A Thermometer is Not the Only The Thing
That Gets a 'DEGREE' Without Having a 'BRAIN'.
A Silent Msg For All Students. :-)
in Student SMS (121 Characters)

Hum ENGINEERING Waly Marty Nahi
Zinda Dafnaye Jatay Hain.
Har Ek Period Main Tarpaye Jatay Hain.
Koi Khol Kar Dekhe Kafan ko Unke
Qabar Mai Bhi Derivations
Derive Karte Paye Jaty Hain.
Dedicated to All Engineering Students.
in Student SMS (223 Characters)

Wright Brothrs
Graham Bell
Saale Ko Dhundo Re, Pakad K Marenge.
in Student SMS (123 Characters)

Hi Friends!
I have decided to to Stop messaging until my Final Papers are Over.
I have to Study and this is the most important time of my career.
I hope you all will cooperate with me.
Well That was the Height of Over Acting.
in Student SMS (235 Characters)

Good news for Karachi University students
Exams of University have been postponed upto June
To confirm visit site.. :-)
in Student SMS (173 Characters)

How To Find AVAGADRO’S Number ?
So Simple
Open The Phone Directory and Search For AVAGADRO . . . ;->
in Student SMS (114 Characters)

Wo Aae Hum Dekhte Rahe,
Wo Bolte Rahe Hum Sunte Rahe,
Unho ne Kuch Pucha Hum Khamosh Rahe,
Jab Wo Jane Lage To Hum Chillaye,
Sir Attendance To Laga Den..!
in Student SMS (154 Characters)

3 rules of College
1. Be quiet in the Class coz othrs r Sleeping.
2. Dont forget 2 carry Ur bag coz it acts as a Pillow.
3. Keep the Campus Clean So be Absent.
in Student SMS (159 Characters)

Displaying Page 1 (of 44) and 20 Records (of 869 Total Records)