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Newton's new Law of bookology!

'Every Book continues to be in its State of Rest or covered with Dust,
until n unless an External or Internal exam Appears.':-D
in Exam SMS (204 Characters)


'FAIL' hote Hain To Koi 'Haal' Tak Nahi Puchhta


'PASS' hote Hain To Duniya 'TREAT' Khane Aa Jaati Hy.
in Exam SMS (161 Characters)


Raat ko kitab meri mujhe dekhti rahi,

Neend mujhe apni or ghaseet-ti rahi..

Neend ka jhonka mera man moh gya


1 raat phir ye GENIUS bina parhe so gaya!
in Exam SMS (203 Characters)


Teacher:Tell me The perfect example for Newton's 3rd law?




Student:Every Time I open my Book,
My Eyes Close automatically..!
in Exam SMS (185 Characters)


Exclusive Poetry For Students Only!

Main Pehlay He Bohat Se Ghamo Main Hon Mubtala,


Is Liye Mujhe ResuLt ki Koi Na Day It'tala. :-)
in Exam SMS (186 Characters)


Parent:How did you write your exam?

Son:they have given the questions which I don't know.

So I wrote answers which they don't know..!!
in Exam SMS (182 Characters)


William Studyfear said...!!!

'This life is too short even to get a full sleep...!
I don't know how people find time to study...!
in Exam SMS (178 Characters)


Father.What about ur result?
Son. Wo headmster saab ka beta fail hy
Father. What about u.
Son. Wo dr.sab ka beta b fail hy
Father. N whats ur result.?
Son. Wo khan sab ka beta b fail hy
Father. U idiot, i m asking about urs
Son.Aap allama iqbal ho jo apka beta pas hoga
in Exam SMS (316 Characters)


# Ghazal #
*Lgta nhi ha dil mra ab hr sawal mai,

Kis ki bani hai ye examination hall mai,

*Waqt-e-daraz mang k laey thay 3 ghantay,

2 sawal maikat gaey aur 1 jawab mai,

*Controller se gila na examiner se shikwa,

Qismat mai fail hona likha tha bus isi sal mai,

*Is parhai se kaho kahin aur ja basay,
Itni jaga kaha ha demagh-e-dagdar mai,

*Kitna hai bad naseeb student nakal k leay,

Do kagaz k tukray na milay poray hall mai..!!!
in Exam SMS (488 Characters)




Q) Wat is da capital of France?

ON DEC 2009: Students write PARIS is da capital of France


EXAMINER COMMENT(wid a devil laugh): capital of France is 'F'.:-D

CONCLUSION: Even if da paper leaks student cannot pass. Hahaha.
in Exam SMS (350 Characters)


Students While Studyin For Exams

-Books n Notes Open

-Highlighting Sentences

-Pen In Mouth

-Blank Page

-Eating Drinking

-Turning Pages

-Readin 'Headings'

-Thinkin About Where To Start From


Texting Friends
Oye Kitna Hua? Mujhy Bht Tension Ho Rahi Hy
Plz Pray For Me =P ;)

in Exam SMS (344 Characters)


Dad:result ka kya hua

Son:aba aik good news hai aur aik bad news

Dad:good news bata

Son:mai pass ho gya

Dad:GREAT aur bad news

Son:good news galat hai. ;->
in Exam SMS (205 Characters)


Gham-e-zindagi sunaun meray examz hone waley hain,

Main khushi kahan se laun meray examz hone waley hain,
Tumhen ye gila hai jana ke mizaaj kyun hein barham,

Kaho kaise muskuraun meray examz hone waley hain,

Tumhen eid ki khushi hai mujhey yaad hai wo lekin,

Main ye kaise bhool jaun meray examz hone waley hain..

Mera zakhm zakhm seena tou lahu lahu safeena,

Main nijaat kaise paun mere examz hone walay hain.

Dedicated 2 All Students! :'( =P
in Exam SMS (497 Characters)


1 Student Exam
k hall me betha copy pe apna panja bana raha tha
duty pe mojood teacher ne kaha paper me to hand ki daigram ka question nahi hai.

Student: me paper banane wale pe

lanat bhej raha hun .;-)
in Exam SMS (252 Characters)


PAPPU exam me 1 bachey ka copy kr rha tha Examinr ne usy kahin or bitha dea us ne jawab k end me likha jawab ka baqea hissa roll#226 k papr pr mulahiZa frmaen
in Exam SMS (205 Characters)


Attitude of a 'STUDENT'

'This Exam Is Tooo Easy For Me. How Could The Examiner Make Such Easy Paper. I'll Give Him Another Chance To Challenge Me' =P =D
in Exam SMS (198 Characters)


Kal bohat dino k bad kitab kholi tu pta chala FARAZ
Ye b nai ata
Ye b nai ata
Ye b nai ata
Ye b nai ata
in Exam SMS (178 Characters)


4 Students Didn't
prepare for a Test.
They made a plan.
They went to the
DEAN next morning
and said, Sir we had
gone for a wedding
and our car Tyre Bursted. So we had to push
all the way, so we
couldn't study.
The DEAN agrees
and gives them
4 Days Time.
After 4 days all four
were seated in
four Different Rooms.
The paper consisted
of Just 1 Qustn
a. Front Right
b. Front Left
c. Back Right
d.Back Left
in Exam SMS (503 Characters)


Don't study too mch tat u forgot urself
Or in the end you wud be

Like Isac Newton boiled his watch in place of egg while he was noticing time from the egg in place of watch.

Albert Einstein ever in his life didn't comb his hair.

N above all
Louis Pasteur forgot the very day of his wedding

Hosh se GEO
in Exam SMS (350 Characters)


~SUNO~ Aisa nhi krty 'Jb paper aata hi na ho to ink zaya nhi krty'

~SUNO~ Jb nakal ka chance ho
to phir prha nhi krty'

~SUNO jb dost laaik ho apna,
to booti laya nhi krty.

Suno examinr ko galiyaan dete hen,
sir pe charhaya nhi krty.

Suno yahaan ka system ulta hy,
jo gues me hun swal wo aya nhi krty.

Suno ye boht hassaas ghari hoti hy,
dost ko paper me azmaya nhi krty.

~SUNO~ jb paper ata ho,
kisi ko dikhaya nhi krty...
in Exam SMS (475 Characters)

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