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Father To §on: If U Dont Pass Ur Éxams This Time, !)ont Çall Me !)AD..

After §ome Days Father: How Is Ur Result?

§on: §orry ßashir §aab..;-)
in Exam SMS (187 Characters)


*~~'Exam k booj ne cheen li hain sharartain meri'~~*

¤'*~Log smajty hain k maa da ladla Sudhar gaya..
in Exam SMS (149 Characters)


* Suna Tha *
iMtehan Leti Hy

Yahan To
iMtehanoon Ne
He Zindagi Ley Li.
in Exam SMS (180 Characters)


In Examinati0n hA|L

A Stdnt WritTen aLL The aNswer On hIs b0dy,

Examiner Caught Him
And aSkd
'Do u Think We Are Fo0Ler?'

Stdnt RpLd: No Sir..!

in Exam SMS (223 Characters)


Faqat is liye hum ne mehfilon mEIN jana chhor diya FARAZ!
K koi pooch hee na le..
'Aap ka result kab aa raha hai?'
in Exam SMS (196 Characters)


Mujhe yad hai meri Paprz ki tayari hr traf afra tfri ka alAm.!
Kbi is topic me masla to kbi dusre topic me prblm.!

Aesa lagta tha k kch b reliable nhi hai..!

pr jb baat aai papr ki to mene ch0ose ki
.'reliable'jo hai..!

'Naqal Lagai to baat bani'
'Naqal Reliable Hy'
in Exam SMS (330 Characters)


~SUNO~ -Aisa nahi karty- 'Jab paper na aata ho tu ink zaya nahi karty'
~SUNO~ -Aisa nahi karty- 'Jab nakal ka chance ho tu parha nahi karty'
~SUNO~ -Aisa nahi karty- 'Jab kisi ka gham banta ho tu paper hal nahi karty'
~SUNO~ -Aisa nahi karty- 'Jab RZult aajay tu roya nahi karty'
~SUNO= -Aisa nahi karty- Es tarha k msg parh lete han lakin kisi ko fwrd nahi karty.
~SUNO~ -Aisa nahi karty....
in Exam SMS (454 Characters)


Cricket has reached exciting levels wid T20 & IPL

To improve exam system Same should be infused in Exams

1. Reduce exam duration to 1:30hr N marks to 50.

2. Introduce strategic break after 30 mints.

3. Give free hit,
that is a chance for students to frame there own
qustions n write answrs.

4. 1st 20 mints..
power play,
that is no invigilator in the exam hall.

5. Intrduce fair play awards.

6. Cheer girls to cheer for correct answers written!
in Exam SMS (497 Characters)


Hamari mohabat ka imtihan aur mat lo
Hamari pehlay hi board kay imtihan say haati hui hai
in Exam SMS (141 Characters)


Chaar dino ka EXAM O Rabba,
Lambi parhai, Lambi parhai,

Parhne me dil mera lage kabhi na,
Parhne se jan meri jay hamesha.
Kitne zamane baad Oo Rabba,
Tution lagaya, Tution lagayaaa.
Soya raha mai classon me apni,
Teacher se roz roz pit ke me aaya.
Kitna pita hon,sooj gaya hon,
chalna phirna bhol gaya hon.

4 dino ka EXAM Oo Rabba,
lambi parhai lambi parhai..

Dis song is dedicated to all the students....!
in Exam SMS (463 Characters)


.Banking Compulsary Examination HSC PART II 2009
100% PAPER

Monday ko2:30 pe pata chlega inshallah Brai meharbani intzar frmayen...:-p
in Exam SMS (194 Characters)


2Frnds aftr exam

1 Oe,paper konsa tha

2 Math ka

1 Mtlb to papr kr k aya he

2 Chal bay

1 Phr kese pta

2 Sath wali bachi k hath mai calculatr dkha tha
in Exam SMS (205 Characters)


Aaj books kholien to pata chala puPU !.

'K aa v nhi aanda te aa v nhi aanda;-)'
in Exam SMS (129 Characters)


Us nE kAr dI hAiN nEEnDaIn hArAm,

CheeN lEy hAiN sUb ChAiN,

Na dIn kA pAtA cHaLtA hAi nA sHaM kA,

BhOOl cHuKe hAiN K BrEaKfAsT MeIn LeTaY hAin brEaD,bUtTeR AuR jAm,

Q k A cHuKe HaIn hAMarE ExAm ...=P;->
in Exam SMS (252 Characters)


Ab nA toh rAhi koi SAjni..


Na hE hAi koi GAjni..

Ab toh ExAms Sir pey hAiN JAn|x..

LAzim hAi Ab ApNi bAjNi... =P ;->
in Exam SMS (171 Characters)


HI YAY EXAMHi yay exam daratay kiyun hain,Merri neend uratay kiyun hain,Phurray bananay k liyay dost chayay hain,Kiyun k kal say exam shoruu honay walay hain .
in Exam SMS (204 Characters)


exam k din itni jaldi kiyun aatay hain,hum in say jaldi koufzada hojatay hain,kash yay zindagi maen aik dafa hi aatay,takay hum bhi aik hi dafa pass hoay hotay!
in Exam SMS (205 Characters)


A Friend Is One Who Advise You To Study Well !

A Best Friend Is One Who Stands In Examination Hall n Says:

'Abey Kitna Likhega?
Larkiya'n Ja Rahi Hyn' ;->
in Exam SMS (205 Characters)


Wants To Go To Heaven
But No One Wants To
Bole Tu!
Sab Ko Top Krna Hai...,
Or Parhna Koi Nahi
Chahta,,,,! ;-)
in Exam SMS (175 Characters)


Hum jite EK bar heMarte EK bar haiPyar EK bar hota haiAur shaadi bhi EK hi bar hoti haiTO ye EXAMS BAR-BAR KYUuuuuuuuuuuu?
in Exam SMS (167 Characters)

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