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Y V Dont Study The Semester n Spend Sleepless Nites During Xams
Sahil K Sukun Se Humain Inkar Nhi
Mgr Tufanon Se Kashti Nikalne Ka Maza Or Hy ;->
in Exam SMS (153 Characters)

Ideal to write on answer sheet:
Answers given below r imaginary & result of pure fiction. Any resemblance to text book is unintentional & purely co-incidental.
in Exam SMS (160 Characters)

Height of Examination..!
A Blonde With The Question Paper With PTO Written On Both The Sides :->
in Exam SMS (97 Characters)

eXams r there
at da paper u stare
the answer is no where
which makes u pull ur hair
the grades r not fair
but just like da past 14 years
we dont care!!
in Exam SMS (157 Characters)

Kash Koi 'Exam Result' Ka Insurance Kara Deta
Tou Hr Exam K Pehle Premium Barhwa Dete..
Paas Hote Tou Theek Hy..
Werna Insurance Clain Krwa Lete.... ;->
in Exam SMS (155 Characters)

Exam anthem,
humhonge allpass,
humhonge allpass,
humhonge allpass1din,
hoho likhte hai bakwas
fir bhi hai vishwas,
paper hoga jhakas,ek din.
in Exam SMS (146 Characters)

Jo exams ki wajah se ziada tension mai hai un k liye!!
Parhna likhna chhor paray,
Nakal pe rakh aaass,
Utha razayi aur so ja buchay,
Rab krega PASS.
in Exam SMS (152 Characters)

in Exam SMS (129 Characters)

dAd: eXam ki tAyAri hO gAyi puttAr
sOn: ji dAd, shOes kO pOlish kyA, peN mein iNk dALA, UnifOrm irON kiyA, skoOl bAg reAdy kiyaA
aAb sirF pAdnA baAki hAi
in Exam SMS (157 Characters)

Finally finals are finally almost over. FINALLY!
in Exam SMS (48 Characters)

Brain is the most outstanding organ. It functions 24hrs a day,365days a year.It functions right from the time v r born, & stops only when we enter the Exam hall
in Exam SMS (160 Characters)

A gud frnd is 1 who tells u 2 study well
but a best frnd is 1 who stands outside d exam room n shouts
Abay kuch aa raha hai ya or phare pehkun.
in Exam SMS (145 Characters)

koi chez be-wafai se barh ker kia hogi,
Ghum-e-tanhai judai se barh ker kia hogi,
Kisi ko deni ho jawani main saza,
to wo saza PARHAI se barh ker kia hogi:-)
in Exam SMS (160 Characters)

Whats the point of studying for 'finals' if they are not final We are coming back to school next year!
in Exam SMS (103 Characters)

Hawaon Ne Rukh Hai Badla
Chehron Pe Udasi Chaye Hai
Kahan Pehle Paties, Fries or Hath Main Pepsi Thi
Ab To Bas Notes, Pani Ka Glass or Yeh Parhai Hai. . ;->
in Exam SMS (159 Characters)

I was thinking about how people seem to read the Bible a whole lot more as they get older; then it dawned on me . . they're cramming for their final exam.
in Exam SMS (154 Characters)

Why studnt Fail in Exam
It's not studnt fault if he fails bcz a year has only 365 days.
52 Sundays in a year which rest days
Balnc 313 days
50 Summer holidays
Balnc 263 days
8 hrs daily sleep means 122 days
Balnc 141 days
1 hr 4 daily playing(good 4 health)means 15 days
Balnc 126 days
2 hr daily 4 food nd other enjoyment means 30 days
Balnc 96 days
1 hr 4 talking(as man is a social animal)means 15 days
Balnc 81 days
Exam days per year at least 35 days
Balnc 6 days
4 sickness atleast 3 days
Balnc 3 days
Movies nd fuctions atleast 2 days
Balnc 1 day
That 1 is ur birth day.
How Can A Studnt Pass
in Exam SMS (623 Characters)

Both of the words home and work are four letter words...well so is poop, doing my CRAPPY homework:-(
in Exam SMS (100 Characters)

Recite SURAH QALAM Complete And SURAH AMBIYA (Ayah 79 To 91)
A Day Before Ur Exam Paper.They Have Miraculuos Effects.
Forward To Everyone U Want To Help For Better Result.
in Exam SMS (173 Characters)

Book Khulty Hi Exam Ka Sama Hota Hai,
Aise Mausam Me Hi Tou Dimag Khrab Hota Hai,
Dimag Ki Batain Paper Pe Nhn Ati,
Ye Fsana Tou Mark Sheet Pe Bayan Hota Hai :p
in Exam SMS (163 Characters)

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